Vinterdrakt set

vinterdrakt romper baby hat socks

After seeing so many beautiful versions of this pattern I just had to put everything else aside to make this beautiful set. The pattern I used is Vinterdrakt by Paelas for the romper, Little chausses for the socks and Little heaume for the pixie hat.  The yarn is Lana Grossa Alta Moda Alpaca it is very soft and airy, however I got one really bad skein with about 15 defects in the first 25 grams, thankfully I bought it locally and the shop replaced it for me, and none of the other had more then 1 defect which is normal for most yarns.

The icord waist band is made in Pickles extra fine merino in the colour rouge that I’m currently using to make a colour-work toddler sweater. The two projects were lying next to each other in my knitting basket and the colour combination was just perfect and then I found some buttons in the exact same shade of red in my button stash. Instead of placing a button in the neck keyhole opening I made an extra Icord to tie in the neck.

vinterdrakt romper baby hat socks

On the hat I put a beautiful glass button with a vintage feel to it, that was gifted to me by lovely Ann-Christin, she’s got a tiny yarn shop here with the prettiest buttons.

It was snowing heavily while I was taking these photos the other day, I love snow a lot and sadly it is currently raining away, but it  is quite tricky to place all items and snap a photo before they where completely covered.

Forest Cardigan

Forest cardigan Argo

This is a sweater that almost didn’t became completed. I had a lot of doubts on the way, but here it is already well used. The pattern is Argo by Svetlana Volkova and I knitted it a size up to give it a loose fit hoping that it will allow a thiner cardigan underneath on cold days. The yarn I used is Shilasdair Luxury DK w/Camel paired with Navia Uno 1150 meters of each, the Shilasdair yarn was a bit more variated then I expected when I bought it online but paired up with a solid Shetland wool it evened out to a nice green. I really like a slight variation in the colour but not more that that and this is right at the edge of what I like. The angora content together with the wool makes it warm and still light. I thing that the weight can be an issue with warn hand knits or sweaters in general that in order to stay warm you end up wearing 1 kg of sweater, that is adding bulk and stretching out, not very comfortable but at least you’re warm. I’m hoping to make another angora sweater soon so that I have another warm and lights sweater, but I don’t think that will happen in time for this winter, since I’m mostly thinking about my summer wardrobe at the moment.

Forest cardigan Argo  Forest cardigan Argo Forest cardigan Argo Forest cardigan Argo Forest cardigan Argo  Forest cardigan Argo Forest cardigan Argo Forest cardigan Argo

Alice top

Alice top

It seems I’m always creating out of season, this is Alice is my new summer top. It is made in cotton double gauze from nani iro. It feels a little big so I think I will make a size smaller for the next one, I have already the fabric laid out so I can start as soon as I get a free moment. I was inspired to make this when I saw the beautiful red version Elizabeth from Sewn by Elizabeth made for her mother in law, it just seemed like the perfect fit for me. I have ordered some navy trouser weight cotton for a pair of shorts, to go with it and then I will be ready for summer, although I’m still longing for some proper winter with snow that stays for at least a month. I haven’t decided whether I shall use the Esther shorts pattern and modify it to have a front zipper and pockets both front and back or whether I shall buy the Tap shorts pattern that already have all the nice details and just fit it instead.

Alice top Alice top

Have you started the next seasons crafting yet?

Alice top


Faunalue snoningstrøje

I made this Faunalue from most of my leftover from Snoningstrøje, this is another pattern from Paelas. The lace pattern isn’t the most enjoyable to knit but I really like the look of the pattern. I used 45gram (99 meters) Sandnes Alpakka for the toddler size, which is on the thin side for this pattern, the colourway is 5563, the perfect blue/purple colour. The alpaca doesn’t show off the stitch pattern as well as merino yarn would, but I think it looks great this fussy way to.

I really like matching sets, it always feels special. So now I only hope that they will fit someone at the same time. But we’ll see when that time comes. I’m also thinking of making more knits in similar colour that will coordinate well with all the little items I already have stored. To make more complete sets without knitting all the pieces, so that all the little cardigans  and sweater have leggings and hats or something that goes with it.

Faunalue snoningstrøje


Perlemorgenser sweater mother of pearl

This little sweater is knit from the top down in alpaca. I really like alpaca, it is warm, feels amazing to work with and it also drapes a lot and follows your body better then most sheep wool’s and it has a beautiful halo around it. The one thing I do not recommend alpaca for is colour work. I have tried twice and ripped back both times. It might be time to try again now that my colour work skills have improved but it is certainly not easy to get a good result.

Back to this sweater; the pattern is Perlemorgenser by Paelas an amazing small company for “knit kids design” it is a Norwegian company but the patterns come in both english and norwegian. If you knit for kids every now and then you should definitely check them out, so many beautiful patterns and a lot of inspiration. The yarn I used is  100% alpaca 160 meters/50gram and I used 4.5 skeins for the 3 years size. The pattern features 3/4 length sleeves but I lengthened them to about 9″1/2 which is the recommended full length sleeve according to one of my designer books.


I’m considering making one of these as an slightly oversize pullover for me in alpaca of course, to get a drapy warm sweater that goes over a thinner cardigan and still fits under a coat. Since I am a cold person and school is extraordinary chilly for a supposed to be climate controlled to STP or as close as possible since a consistent temperature is important in chemistry. But the only reason I haven’t cast on yet is that I can’t decide on a colour, will a white oversized sweater feel huge, is gray a better alternative or maybe pink, blue or red?

2014 a summary

2014 started with me being thrown out of a lecture because I was knitting and after that I just didn’t enjoy knitting anymore for almost 6 months, so I sewed instead except for april and may which I spent in school barely getting home to sleep, hardly having time to talk with my husband. Then the summer came and with it more time for creative things. I set my mind to make my own underwear, as well as sewing my first pair of trousers, a couture gown and decided that knitting is for fun and if I only want to knit kids-wear to stock up for a distant baby in the future, that is fine. It doesn’t have to be practical, useful or smart. I also decided to start making separates which surprisingly resulted is a new favorite outfit, my black velvet skirt, Amélie and a thin lace cotton cardigan, also black. This was unexpected in two ways firstly me wearing black willingly and secondly my favorite isn’t a dress.

Her comes some of the most loved items from the past year.

2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites 2014 favorites2014 favorites

For 2015 I am hoping to graduate and to get well in to my master thesis project and to keep creative in an unwise and happy way simply enjoying the proses and make what my heart feels like, so to those of you how occasionally receive handmade gifts, there might not be any in the near future…

Needle case

Needle case stickfodral

My mom gave me new nickel free knitting needles, so I made a new case for them. It’s made using a dalahäst canvas, plastic foil for the outside and cable pockets, elastic for the needle pockets and bias binding for the edging.

I wanted a zipped pocket for end stops, safety pins, stitch markers, a pair of scissors and all the little things you need. Separate pockets for all the different cable lengths, it makes it so much easier to get the right one straight away and of course to be able to close it with a zipper to prevent any from escaping.

Needle case stickfodral

I think it turned out well, it is certainly much prettier then the case for my old needles so lets just hope that it ages well.


Happy Christmas

Braided cuffs

Before I go of to our Christmas celebration to day I wanted to give you all something small. A new pattern Braided cuffs, within the pattern there is instructions for how to make wrist cuffs, boot cuffs, a headband and legwarmers. You can use allot of different yarn types and weight and easily modify the pattern so that it will work for your yarn.

This pair is made in BC garn Angora fino (250 meters/50gram)  but almost any light DK yarn will work without changes to the pattern. Really hope that you like it.

You can download the pattern pdf here Braided cuffs 1.0 and find the ravalry page here.

Merry Christmas

Braided cuffs Braided cuffs Braided cuffs