Lace bonnet

Kyse med hullmønster hat baby

I made this to go with a eggplant purple baby trousers is so pose to be the same size. I used my leftovers to make them so the colour is the same, I really like this pattern is the second time I used it and I think I will made another in the yarn as well just to be shore of having a matching set that fits as the same time that or something else that can fit in to this set.

baby bukser romper

The pattern is Kyse med hullmønster from Strikk till mamma og mini and the pattern is by Siri Hoftun and the yarn Pickles extra fine merino in Deep aubergine.


Nancykofte cardigan

I am unreasonably proud of this one, the pattern is Nancy kofte by Sandnes garn in hefte 43 kofter. It is knitted in Sandnes Peer Gynt. a 100% Norwegian wool yarn. I made a few modifications the two biggest being short row neck shaping and grading from a larger hip the bust size. It has my favorite wooden buttons and a cotton band covering the cut edges from the steek.

Nancykofte cardigan Nancykofte cardigan Nancykofte cardigan

The bets part is that it is finished now when a jacket can be swapped to a nice sweater.

Nancykofte cardigan

Eggplant purple

baby bukser romper

I knitted this toddler romper/trousers in Pickles exrta fine merino it has he most amazing deep eggplant purple. The pattern is from Sandnes garn hefte Baby 1415, the design is by Liv Stangeland. I have something of an obsession with knitting baby clothes at the moment there is no reason behind it but there incredibly cute and you can choose and an allover pattern without being stuck with it for a lifetime.

baby bukser romper


I wish it where possible to subscribe to Sandnes hefter, there pattern booklets and altho I don’t knit all the patterns I look at them for hours and hours for inspiration, wouldn’t it be nice to come home and find the new issue of amazing inspiration once a month. But they don’t come on a regular schedule nor have subscriptions since it not a magazine just pattern booklets from a yarn company.


I made an other Loki.
This on was made as a stash bust project and I didn’t really like the colour combination at first but it has grown on me. This one is made in Filicona Peruvian highland wool just as the others, I knitted size 4 years and used about 1/2 a skeins of white and orange and 4 skeins of red. It has a zipper, it is the first time I installed a zipper in a knitted garment and it toke some time but all when well and I think it will be worth the extra effort to have a zipper rather then buttons for a cardigan for someone in preschool age when quick and easy dressing is important.

It is knitted in the round and steeked open the cut edges are covered by the zippers cotton band which makes it neat on the inside. I sewed in the zipper by hand and attached it both close to the  zipper teeth and at the edge so it would be neat and smooth on the inside.


My favorite is the blue, which one is yours?


kjole toddler blouse

This is kjol (dress) from Knit for your kid, I made it is pickles extra fine merino in the colourway ballerina. This is the yarn that use to be one of the colours in Stjänenbords genser (below). I knitted size 2 years but the fit was horrible so after a few months consideration I ripped it all out and trying to keep the yarn interesting started this project right away. I this is a much better fit for the yarn. I wasn’t completely cure about the colour combination in the colour work having ordered online I was a bit disappointed when it arrived and the colour is so much nice standing on its own, so it was all for the best.


I cast on for size 2 years for kjole and knitted until I ran out of yarn, I only had 2 skeins so it is more of a top then a dress but considering the type of garment it is I think it might fit for a longer period of time with different amount of ease as something to grow with rather then something that is to small before it fits.

Arctic fox


I made this almost live size arctic fox for a birthday it is made in cotton voile and stuffed with finull (wool) it is 75cm long from tail to nose. The colors aren’t exactly genuine but fjällrävar can have a few different colours which of one is called blue, it is actually more gray allover but I liked the idé of a pail blue (turquoise) with white belly.

fjällräv fjällräv fjällräv


I made a wish list in the beginning of the year, of things I want and things I just want to make because they’re so incredibly cute. I made one for sewing and one for knitting, the knitting list contains mostly kids wear although we do not have plans on kiddos any time soon I’ve been obsessed with knitting kids wear. They are so close to my heart that even if we have no use for them I can’t give them away.

Knitting list

I have knitted a lot and I really thought that more items from the list would have been done by now. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. It might be a good thing to regularly make lists and make sure to make the things that stay on the list. For If I were to make I list today it would look a bit differently, for example I haven’t though of a Christmas sweater for about a month however I would really like for us to have some before next christmas.

Sewing list

This list is much more on track the only thing I almost forgotten is hazel. I think it can be a perfect winter dress but my head turned to summer just after, or before really, I made this list. I think that my sewing is much more organized then my knitting and more needs oriented since I don’t really need any more cardigans already having an overflowing dresser in the hall. Knitting has become spontaneous and purely for fun while sewing still needs to fill the gaps in my wardrobe. An other dressier skirt would be wonderful for I’m wearing my black velvet all the time, several times a week most weeks. This might be a good mix for now, knitting whatever I feel like one project at the time and sewing to prepare for the next season. I have persuaded Peter to let me sew him some trousers, he likes cargo pants and he think that it’s alright to wear them to a party/christening/wedding if their navy or black. I don’t really agree but the shorts I bought him last year in an attempt, a plain pair of blue short for summer parties it didn’t work, they’re not comfortable enough, So I thought that if I made some clean trousers with slanted pockets, front fly and welted back pocket in stretch twill he might actually wear them and they will be reputable enough for job interviews and celebrations.

I do have one restriction when it comes to future kid knitting, different size, because what’s the point of having more sweaters in size 3 months than there are days they’ll fit. I am also trying to coordinate colour to things that will mix well however this isn’t going well, a lot of old stuff have some weird colours that doesn’t really go with anything.

Todays making list/wishlist

  • Maternity top for my cousin (she needs some for her growing belly now that normal clothes don’t fit any more) URGENT 
  • Trousers for Peter URGENT 
  • Lingerie (I’m in desperate need of new and the store bought doesn’t feel right now that I know how there supposed to fit and that that breast aren’t supposed to hurt when you take off your bra in the evening) URGENT 
  • Colour work (my hand and mind longs for Colour work)
  • Toddler rompers sewn and knitted
  • Blouses/tops for me sewn and knitted
  • Knitted baby trouser (I’m a bit obsessed)
  • Nancy cardigan
  • Vest for Peter

Do you plan all your makings or work purely on inspiration?

Flowery Alice

Alice blouse tap shors

This is the fabric from the pockets of both my tap shorts and I thought it was meant to be an Alice top. This time I made it a size smaller then last time and the fit is more snug. I think this is better and certainly easier to wear with a cardigan. I used a solid blue for the sleeve lining and the flowery for the yoke lining. The pattern calls for tearaway facing in the neck opening which I substituted for iron on interfacing on the lining which makes the neck edge very crisp, it is certainly something I will do for other projects. I don’t know if you’re bored yet but I really love this fabric and the pattern is so happy and comfortable with a loose fit, perfect for all sorts of outfits and can be worn both tucked in and out for variation.

Alice blouse tap shors Alice blouse tap shors

My facial expiration totally failed today, I was trying to look naturally happy but not actually feeling grate trying not to over do it, well I didn’t over do it. However I really like this top and have been longing for pictures ever since i finished it a few weeks back. It has already been to one party and I think I will be wearing for this evenings birthday celebration.

Tap shorts

50's blouse self drafted tap shorts

I like blue if you hadn’t noticed, so the second pair are made in the same amazing fabric as the first pair. This pair have a front fly, my first, and I am unreasonably proud of sewing it in perfectly. To modify the fit from the last pair I lengthened the back crotch seam about 1 cm. Tap shorts

Why only make one of something good? Tap shorts