Wee Liesl

As you might have noticed the updates have been scarce but I still have been making a few things between a very busy school and sleeping. So now that school has calmed down a bit I will try to give you a parade of new made things and hopefully some inspiration for christmas. In usual order I started making gifts in july, which might make you think that I’m done by now but I’m not even half way, the tricky ones are left.

Wee Liesl

First up is this tiny little lace cardigan with wooden buttons. The pattern is wee Liesl from Wee Ones by Ysolda  I used pickles pure alpaca in Bordaux on needles 3.25mm. I didn’t make a gauge swash and used my favorite addi lace needles instead of the recommended size so the result is rather 3 months than the 9 months or so I expected but since the baby is still to be born It doesn’t matter. It is a really cute in dark red with dark brown buttons and the yarn has exactly the right amount of fluff. I’m secretly thinking of making one for me too in the same colour scheme.

Black Velvet skirt

Delphine skirt

I was skirt planing when the first task in pattern review’s sewing bee contest arrived in the email, an A-line skirt, and as it happens I had already bought some black velvet the day before for exactly that purpose. So her it  is the perfect skirt that goes with almost everything.

Delphine skirt

I used about 1.2m 112cm wide cotton velvet, 1m viscose lining, a normal zipper and  scrapes of quilting cotton the the inside of the waistband, button on the inside to protect the zipper, as well as some light interfacing. The pattern is based on the Delphine skirt from Love at First Stitch but modified to give it the fit I like better. I lowered the waistband to sit over my high hip instead and reshaped the hips and added some waist shaping. The result is so comfortable that I don’t want to take it of and have already been wearing allot.

Delphine skirtDelphine skirt

Delphine skirt Delphine skirt Delphine skirt  Delphine skirt Delphine skirt

The perfect skirt, take one

Delphine mimi skirt blouse

My first try at creating the perfect skirt, This is a modified version of the Delphine skirt from Tilly and the buttons book love at first stitch reviewed her. The blouse is the mimi blouse from the same book. It is made in linen I died a few weeks ago. The fit still needs a few tweaks but I regard this as a summery wearable muslin in minty linen. I have already started one in black cotton velvet that will be perfect for this winter and will go well with all of my blouses.

Delphine mimi skirt blouse Delphine mimi skirt blouse Delphine mimi skirt blouse

Knitting bag

Knitting bag

I used this tutorial by Pink Penguin, but put it together a little more traditionally and neater I think, but the end result is the same: a perfect bag for smaller projects. It wont hold an adult sized sweater but almost anything else. I got inspired to make one for me after seeing this version that Clara made and later that day when I was packing together stash yarn with needles, pattern and notions, ready to go. I didn’t have anything to put them in except shopping bags and we need our shopping bags for shopping. So I made this out of fabric scraps + a lot of interfacing.  I’m thinking of making a bigger one for sweater projects as that is what I knit most of the time and what I like most, but honestly I probably won’t get to it.

Knitting bag Knitting bag Knitting bag

Obsession with lingerie

This is what I’m currently thinking about, whenever I get a free moment, new beautiful lingerie, pajamas and swimsuits.


I never thougt black and white cloud be like this, it’s amazing.




Hopefully I will have time to figure out hop to make similar things soon.



Blog hop

I was invited to the blog hop by Joëlle from The Handstitched Files, she makes beautiful things from yarn, thread and fabric. Some of her most recent spectacular projects are this Fox and Niot jacket. She’s really nice and so go over to her as soon and you finished here.

Why do I write?

I started writing a blog as a travelling log a little over 7 years ago, since then the blog has transformed many times as I have changed and my situation has changed. It soon became a way for me to document my crafting adventures mostly knitting and lately, mostly sewing.

But the more interesting question is why do I sew? It started with me dreading going shopping and badly needing new clothes the fall of 2011, When I found something I liked they didn’t have it in my size or it was way too expensive as I at the time was a student and my husband on a long sick-leave and the budget was tight. I thought, I know how to sew, so hey, why don’t I just make my own clothes. So I started and made this striped dress.

simple dress


I used this dress until it tore and loved it, what I didn’t love was the process of sewing, but I loved the result, so a few weeks later I made a top, and it continued like this for some time and then I discovered the indie pattern community and tutorials for fitting their patterns. I learned how to make retail patterns into clothes that fit me. I no longer had to draft my own patterns in order to make something that actually fit. Now I started liking sewing I still couldn’t admit it to myself but I started sewing a lot even more then I was knitting (oops). I then used all my free time for sewing. I now love making my own clothes and to have a well fitting wardrobe full of handmade items that I made to fit me and not a standard person 10-15 cm shorter then me, with tiny hips and sticks for arms, for some reason I’ve always had trouble with sleeves even as a child.

Now I’ve made more then I need in some areas and started making a few things for friends and family, some of them make their way here to the blog and some don’t because when they’re finished am so eager to give them to their recipient that a usually forget to take photos before sending them off.

Negroni shirt

What am I working on?

This one is easy. I’m working on my dream wardrobe, for me it’s not the blogging that is the essential part but the making of wonderful things. The blog is a way to communicate to the amazing knitting and sewing community, to inspire as I’m inspired by other bloggers. 

Initially when I begun my handmade wardrobe I wanted it to be happy, but know I’m more into turning it more professional and classy. I have a professor that always manage to look polished and neat as if she spends a long time every morning choosing what to put on but I don’t think she does she doesn’t seem like the type. She is the one that inspired me to make my vest Bernadette as a more polished version of a cardigan.

Veste Bernadette

She is about twice my age and I want to be like her when I’m her age, a brilliant scientist, nice personality and dress since. (is it too obvious what’s important to me?)

Future wardrobe pieces
Wardrobe planing  Wardrobe planing  Wardrobe planing  Wardrobe planing  Wardrobe planing  Wardrobe planing  Wardrobe planing  Wardrobe planing  Wardrobe planing   Wardrobe planing  Wardrobe planing  140921_4366-2

How does it differ from others of its genre?

I don’t strive to be unique but I make and blog about things I like and since there only is one of me…

How does my writing process work?

I take photos and then try to let the photos speak. It is not always easy and the result varies but I try to have decent photos and post about something that makes me happy one or two times a week.

I’m now supposed to name two other willing bloggers to continue this blog hop, but it was so difficult to decide, there are so many wonderful blogs out there and when I finally had decided, They where to busy to take part at the moment so I have decided to let it free. If you thought this was interesting, please create your own story, I’d love to know and if you do so please leve me a like so I can read it. To keep on the inspiration here comes a few of my recent favourite blogs:

http://mode-de-lis.blogspot.se - vintage sewing

http://www.ohhhlulu.com - lingerie sewing and patterns

http://clothhabit.com - lingerie sewing and an upcoming pattern soon

Now go over to Handstitched files or had you forgotten?






Amélie by Gudrun Johnston

I bought yarn for this project when the pattern was released last year but when it arrived I wished that I had chosen another colour, so it sat in my stash for a year before I got to it. It seems like the colour darkens with the first wash and as if it’s not completely oxidized before or something. I do like the darker shade a lot better however and the finished sweater is stunning.

I used Macaw/Canopy Fingering as the pattern called for, but had trouble getting the gauge exactly right and compensated by making a size smaller, I did have to lengthen it in order to make it fit me right, I made it with 1″ positive ease. I prefer positive ease on tops so that they don’t feel too clingy. The drapyness of the fabric make me think that 2″ of positive ease might have been better so if I ever make a similar sweater I will go for that instead but it’s still good this way. The pattern is clear and easy to follow just as all of Gudruns patterns and the design with the keyhole in the back and the lace it the front giving interest both from the front and back together with a high neckline is just a perfect combo. I think it will keep me warm this winter underneath a cardigan or maybe my Bernadette

I had a bit of a scare while knitting this with only the top of the last shoulder left my 5 skeins where all used up, and I ordered some more but the colour of this hand dyed yarn didn’t match, not even close. I was stuck and didn’t know what to do. After about 2 weeks of this sad hibernation as I was looking at my inspiration board and saw 4 blue swatches, I had completely forgotten all about my 4 swatches that I had made trying to get gauge and thankfully there was just enough yarn to finish.

140826_3697 140826_3699

Biking mittens


Preparing for colder times, even if it currently is very warm here. I have started to prepare for fall by knitting. This far I have completed one pair of mittens, I lost my good biking mittens half way through the winter last year and never got around to making new ones as the bike needed repair as well. But now that I’m biking everywhere again new mittens will be necessary.

They are made in Du Store Alpakka, Tynn Alpakka and the pattern is my own, made up as I go. As I usually do, I used two different shades of gray held together which makes it look more natural gray instead of dyed gray which it is.  I used 3mm needles, 48 stitches for the main hand width and 100 gram is enough for one pair.

140824_3624 140824_3621

The Pattern

* cast on 44 st
* knit a nice and long 1/1 ribbing
* increase 4 st one every 11 st total 48 st
* stockinette for 20 rows
* add thumb over 10 st
* stockinette for 24 rows decrease for top (at sides, k2tog, knit until 2 st before other side ssk,k2tog, knit until 2 st before other side ssk)
* Then again after 4, 3, 3, 3, 2,2,2,2 then every row.

140824_3619 140824_3618

It’s been quite some time since I finished and wrote this post but somehow photos have taken a long time to get, since the weather is no longer that brilliant that is was and the use don’t feel that distant anymore even if I hopefully won’t need that for another month. However I really like this type of mittens and according to ravelry this is my 11:th pair, most of them live with friends and relatives. That said it is the perfect mittens for our climate most of the winter and they’re really quick so, make some for your self won’t you?

Dusty mint

Is one of my favorite colours, it simply feels elegant that said I only own 2 items in this colour the shoes I wore on our wedding day and this new sorbetto. It is made in viscose and probably is the cheapest fabric for an entire project I ever bought, it was the end of the bolt and I got about half of the normal price and the shop owner asked me weather that little could ever become something, but here it is all used up.

Sorbetto mint Sorbetto mint

This will be perfect with a cardigan now that fall is coming. You can read more of the details in the post about my first sorbetto here. And now I wonder how you are preparing for the change of season?