Lamb susan b anderson toy

Lamb by Susan B. Anderson, this is the second one I’ve made the first one went to my sister and needed mending a few weeks ago so after I mended her I started a new one to keep. As lats time I change the body and lengthened the legs and omit wire in the legs to keep the toy soft and cuddly rather then being able to stand. The yarn for the head and legs is Sublime yarn cashmere merino silk DK and Drops alpaca bouclé for the body. to make the body extra sleepy I use the reverse stotckinet side and the outside and made the body as one continuase sfeare insead of knitting an oval for the back and picking up stitches, I did try tat first but this bouclé yarn is horrible to work with and picking up stitches did not work out it was one big mess so I ripped it all out and started with a 6 stitch circal increared 6 stitches a row and then every second row until I reaced the number of stitches alled for knitted the length of the body and made the decreases as caled for in the pattern. I have the itty bitty toys book by Susan B. Anderson and worked from the book but the pattern is also available for free on Petite Purls.

Lamb susan b anderson toy Lamb susan b anderson toy Lamb susan b anderson toy This cute sheep that looks like it needs some shearing.

Meet Elijah

Elijah toy ysolda

You probably know by now that I work in phases and for a period of time, all I want to do is knit sock, sew dresses, play piano… well this time it is make cute toys. This is Elijah by Ysolda and it is made in Sublime yarn’s Cashmere Merino Silk DK in the colour way Buttercream, a wonderful soft yarn and filled with wool and has embroidered eyes. I added a tiny tail since elephants have tails and it certainly makes him cuter. I bought the pattern at one of her birthday sales a long time ago but never got around to making it and I’m so glad I finally did. I made a lot of toys about 2 years back and gave all of them away, I have a tendency to say that I’m going to save them, but they somehow end up everywhere but here. Although they have been played with and that is the important thing, I felt like we should have some here as well so that we have something for our young visitors to play with. And I just like the look of a row with knitted or clothed toys in my “office” when I’m working.

Elijah toy ysolda Elijah toy ysolda Elijah toy ysolda

The pattern is easy to follow, you knit the head and then you pick up stitches and knit the other parts seamlessly, which require less finishing then knitting in pieces and then seam. I think that I prefer seaming and did in fact seam the ears instead of picking up stitches, there is no going back and re-seam it if you realise that the arms are crooked if you work seamlessly and the first few rows are tough when everything is straining. I can totally see why she choose this construction, but I prefer to seam. When I made my first toys however I loved the idea of not having to seam everything up. I thought that her very detailed instructions for where to pick up stitches was wonderful and made the toy much more accessible, and it is very clear now that preferences change when your skills grow. I also used to swear by bamboo needles and I can’t stand them nowadays. They are blunt, lack precision and the stitches don’t glide smoothly. Elijah toy ysolda



I did say the I caught the sock bug, here and my newly made bed socks. My old and very loved bed socks got a hole, I woke in the middle of the night possibly caused by a hole at the right toe and when I sat down to mend them I realized the whole sole was thread worn and beyond mending. Despite that I did mend the entire sole of both of them because I do really like them. The next day I however realized that I needed new and went through my stash. I didn’t have enough yarn for my usual pattern that require 150 grams so I made a shorter in stockinet instead I really like these, they’re quick, cute and easy to make, and only require about 100 grams of worsted weight

Sockor_20150618_0123 Sockor_20150618_0119 And then one late saturday evening I thought why not make on other pair, a more colourful version. So I made another pair in some nice scraps I had and home, and oh how I love my new colourwork socks. Colourwork makes me happy in all aspect it’s bright and the most wonderful thing to knit. I love seeing the pattern grow, even if is just a small detail as in this case it brightens everything and makes the world a little happier. So here comes a little bit of bright happiness.

Sockor_20150618_0082 copy

What is your favorite kind of knitting?

Anyone else that’s crazy about colourwork?

No?  Just me then.

Sockor_20150618_0082 Sockor_20150618_0083

The yarn is Filcolana Peruvian Highland Wool and I used about 200 meters and the pattern is completely my own and wonderfully simple. And even though there new and it is summer I have gotten a fair bit of use out of them, the heat hasn’t really got here yet and do much prefer this cooler summer so that I can wear my new sock and colourful cardigans, and it’s wonderful.

This pattern isn’t released yet but you can find all my other knitting patterns here if you are interested.

Crocheted cuteness


I started following some awesome crocheter a few weeks back and got so inspired that I got out my favorite hook and fingering crochet cotton even though a few weeks back I was thinking that I would never crochet again. But you never know what inspiration is about to hit you next. I’m really glad that I did save it, because I fear that the inspiration might have faded a bit at the point of buying cotton only to use part of the skein for a stuffed crochet toy. Instead I raided my stash and made this cute little bunny. The pattern is Spring Bunnies by Stephanie Jessica Lau. After making the bunny I found an elephant pattern by Chisachi Kushima on the same blog and just had to make that too.

20150708_0416 20150708_0417 20150708_0418

Timjan Hat Patterns


I have a new pattern or actually two new patterns. And this is the reason for the slight neglection of the blog lately, I have been working on a few new designs and converting my business from a side/hobby to a company so I can start to work on it more and release more new and exciting things and hopefully make this my living.


Back to the hat, it is a cabled and textured hat that is quite easy to make for the experienced knitter,  it has an intermediate level but a really determined beginner could most likely make it as well. The texture is what makes this hat special. It adds elegance without making it girly and can be worn by anybody. The two different versions are an earflap hat for children with a size range from newborn up to 55cm and a beanie style with a size-range of 41 – 69 cm. The beanie pattern comes with a modification guide so that you can make a slouch hat if you prefer that.

Timjan Shematics

You can buy one of the patterns for 45 sek or both for 55 sek just add both to your cart and the price will automatically go down to 55 sek. knapp buy now

Yarn: 65-200 meters of lofty worsted weight yarn (200 meters/100 grams).
The white sample is made in Rauma Puno (110 meters/50 grams, 68% Alpaca 22% Nylon 10% Merino), the mint in Sandnes soft alpakka (100 meters/50 grams, 80% Alpaca 20% Acrylic), the blue in Artesano Aran (132 meters/100 grams, 50% Wool 50% Alpaca) and the purple is made in two strands of Tant Kofta’s Angorett (730 meters/100 grams, 70% Merino 25% Angora 5% Polyamide). The different yarns give very different fabrics, Soft alpaca, Puno and Angorett gives a light and lofty fabric while Artesano Aran gives a dense and heavier fabric.

Gauge: 19 stitches/10 cm in cable pattern 2 repeats (16 stitches) are 8.5 cm wide and 25 rows/10 cm, 4 cm/repeat.

Needles: 4.5 mm or size that gives you the gauge called for on washed fabric. A 40 cm circular needle and double pointed needles or a longer circular needle if you prefer magic loop. When you swath you need to do so in the round if order for it to be accurate.

150527_7154  docksjo-design_20150610_0038

My favorite part of the design is the star that is created in the crown decreases, isn’t it beautiful.


I have made 6 hats this far and have a photo shoot with some kids coming up and need to make a few more or as many as I can manage before that so we can have some fun and the kids can choose a colour that they like and be happy and cooperating I hope, wish me luck.

knapp buy now

Stash Dash


The knit girllls podcast is hosting a completely insane and wonderful knit along at the moment. I find it very inspiring and it has this far led to a few new design ideas that I currently trying out and modifying, and that is the reason for the downtime here on the blog. I have a lot of things that I want to keep quiet about until they are ready and I have decided on most of the details. But back to the knit girllls, the knit along is to finish 3K, 5K or 10K meters yarn in finished and ready to wear projects between May 22 and Aug 14, that is 11 weeks and this far I got a little side tracked by designing so the first week I did good and finished 1068 meters but after the second week I’m only at 1240 meters. Being the very competitive person that I am, I’m going for 10K and I totally think that I can catch up. Stash Dash is more about getting things done that have been laying around then actually knitting all those meters or using your stash. I have a few cardigans that I intended to give pockets from the start but then I got eager to start wearing them to take the time to add pockets in the end it is quite stupid actually because how much time does knitting a pair of pockets take compared to the hole thing it is just one more evening, but for some reason this doesn’t happen and I really do like to have a pocket for my key card.

Akleja blanket project bag

If you add a little bit of knitting to a project and finish it all of it counts towards your Stash Dash goal. It also made me look at all of my scraps and try to be creative with them. I have a lot of scraps to the point that almost my entire stash is scraps, and scraps normally just aren’t very inspiring are they, half a skein of that and a few meters of something precious but not really enough to make something.

And I made my self a new project bag, isn’t it wonderful. It is made in a striped 50% linen 50% cotton fabric. the narrow striped halv linne is very close to my heart and it makes me think about summer in the Swedish archipelago. The zipper is a heavy gold metal zipper with a navy black meant for trousers and the combination is amazing. And if that wasn’t good enough it is also little with white linen. If the zipper weren’t so expensive I would make bags like this one to everyone I know.

Summer planning

Vide gloves

In celebration of the summer I hope is coming (soon) I have a Coupon code for 20% off all my accessories patterns valid until June 13 midnight GMT time. The code is Sommar

Because accessories are perfect knitting in the summer, they’re small so you can easily travel with it or bring it on adventures. Nor will it be unbearable to work on very warm days since they’re so small it won’t make a big, fussy, sweaty pile in you lap. Perfect. Although I could use some extra heat at the moment It’s June and we have 10°C along with strong winds and a lot of rain. The standing joke is that the weather institute had some issues and in the mean time broadcast a reprise of Mars.

You can find all my accessories patterns here.

New patterns coming

I have a few new patterns in progress behind the scenes witch means that I need some testers. I do try my very best to make sure that everything is in order but I’m only human and mistakes slips between my fingers sometimes. I will be forever grateful to the ones that take the extra time and effort to help me make my patterns just right. You do not have to be an expert. I’m interested in both Swedish and English speaking testers since I am to release patterns in both languages. If you are interested please fill in the form here. I will email a few that correspond with the the type of pattern that is in the finishing process and ask if you are interested at that time and in the type of project. I’m not able to pay you for this service but I will give you a little something to show my appreciation at the end.

I’m hoping to be able to realize an autumn collection including a complete outfit, which means both knitting and sewing.  I’m interested in both sewers and knitters interested in testing for all kinds of projects (children’s, woman’s, men’s, interior). At the moment there are way too many ideas in my head and I haven’t finalized all the details yet.

studio home sewing space


Perlemorsgenser mother of pearl

I made myself a new alpaca pullover. I used the kids pattern perlemorsgenser/mother of pearl pullover as inspiration and made myself some instructions. I used 12 skeins, 600 gram, 2004 meters of Drops Alpaca held double. My cria cardigan was knit in this yarn and it was my favorite until I ruined it in the wash, so I think this will be loved and well used, coming this autumn. I really like the decorative cable and bobbles making the raglan shape the sides. I think it gives interest without being fussy and I think it will blend well in with all my separates. This kind of pullover doesn’t really work with dresses, it makes me feel like a big walking blob and I don’t like to feel like a blob. It will however be perfect with those trousers I’m planning to make. The colour is a mix of undyed natural shades of tan alpaca wool which gives depth to the colour and it will look amazing with the navy blue trousers I’m planning to make.

I have been building up a lot of expectations about this sweater since I decided to make it 6 months ago, it took some time to decide on a colour and it doesn’t completely live up to my expectations, mostly because I see now that raglan isn’t very flattering on me. I see a lot of people wearing raglan, but how can I wear raglan well? I have broad shoulders and this is the result. My beloved has narrow shoulders and look just as misshaped in it?

Or is it the length that is the problem, maybe I should lengthen it a few cm.

Perlemorsgenser mother of pearl Perlemorsgenser mother of pearl MMMay15 me made may


Socks lacy anklets

Something strange happened as I was listening to back episodes of the knit more girls, I started craving making socks, hand knit beautiful socks. I don’t even like wearing hand knit socks in shoes so I only wear them at home or when we visit people with cold floors. Anyway I rummished around in my stash and found a beautiful yellow skein, went through my pattern stash and found this pattern in my knit red book the combination is stunning and I really like my new intensively yellow/orange lace socks. The yarn is Tant kofta’s sock yarn and the pattern is Lacy anklets by Melissa Morgan-Oakes.

Socks lacy anklets Socks lacy anklets

The sock bug infected me to the point that I have now started knitting on another pair in acid yellow yarn from my stash and bought new self striping sock yarn.