Akleja Blanket

Akleja Blanket docksjo design

I have a new pattern. It is a wonderful squishy blanket I have knitted up two samples for us and for photography purposes. They’re just wonderful and in constant use.

Akleja Blanket docksjo design

The blanket is reversible and looks exactly the same on both sides to make it easier to use since it looks great without paying too much attention to it. It comes in 3 sizes so as to fit your particular needs and situation, the adorable baby in the pictures is almost 6 months and is playing with the smallest size, she was really fascinated by it and kept looking at it so focused on the stitches that she fell over.


Akleja Blanket docksjo design

The smallest size is a baby blanket size and the largest is a home adult sized blanket but the pattern also comes with an adjustment guide so you can change it in to any size you like, the guide also has a simple equation where you put in your numbers and it gives you a yardage estimation so you know how much yarn to get even if you are free styling the size, isn’t that great?

You can find this amazing new pattern in the store.

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