Poppys Wardrobe

Ecobud doll clothes

I got inspired to increase the doll wardrobe. I made the first set in december but recently felt like making a bit more. The initial inspiration this time around was that I wanted a hospital outfit for the doll before the kiddos hospital stay but time ran away from me as she wasn’t feeling grate and needed me more. Ende up maning a few cardigans and a new pair of trousers Continue reading

Summer sewing


Rose pants

Rose pants

Darling Ranges Dress

Darling Ranges Dress

Flint pants

Flint pants







We had heat weave over easter and a bit undecided weather ever since but it has definitely been shorts weather and as I doesn’t fit in to any of my shorts or I can wear most of them but there uncomfortable and look weird. So when the heat came I swapped knitting for sewing and as usual I unconsciously priorities making the kiddos summer things so she almost set for this summer now but I’m still without shorts an air everything.

The plan is to make:

  • Flint shorts and cropped if I get like the shorts.
  • Rose pants I’m so exited about this new pattern from made by Rae
  • Darling ranges dress and top
  • some kind of swimsuit or altering what I have kiddos weekly swim classes are hard on our swimwear
  • And maybe some kind of blouse
  • And a flowy high waisted skirt if I find the time

I tend to want all the things but never get around the fitting part of making it, that way it is so much easier to make kids-wear as the loos fitting with room to grow generally doesn’t require that much fitting.

Saffran pixie

docksjo design 600-4 Saffran pixi hat

New pattern a pixie bonnet, Saffran Pixie, using t simmular patterning as Saffran Cardigan so you can make a Scandinavian vintage style set if you want. I am so loving this style it is cute and playful, but still practical with the ties keeping it in place and the point smal enough to fit inside a bike helmet. It is knit in the round and steeked open and in the same gauge and yarn as Saffran Cardigan so you only have to swatch once. Continue reading

Project bag colour work style

docksjo design Project bag

My old amazing project bag is a bit warn and the handles are literally threads and falling in pieces so I decided it was high time to make a few new ones. First up was this fabric I saved for something like this, it was supposed to become a Oddvars penestre kofta but I didn’t feel it and instead of ripping out this amazing fabric, I felted it in hope of using it in a special sewing project. Having seen so many beautiful bags lately on pods I felt inspired to try something new and created this pattern to use every cm of my hand knit fabric. Continue reading