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Veronika Mittens

Hi, a new pattern or rather a new version of Vanten Blad called Veronika Mittens is available.

docksjo design veronika mittens tussilago

This is a staple piece when is comes to winter accessories in our house. Simple yet elegant and so durable in the right yarn. My first green pair knit in Ullcentrum 2 trådiga have been keeping me warm in rain and snow, cycling and pushing swings for about 5 winters now and they are still in perfect condition. I didn’t even steam them before the photoshoot (I should have but forgot). It’s incredible I don’t think I can say the same for any other pair of mittens I have ever had.

docksjo design veronika mittens

The changes are mainly a new version with a basic ribbed cuff instead of the patterned cuff and more sizes from tiny to huge. I hope that you enjoy it, If you already own the pattern you should have gotten the update otherwise you can use your old personal link to download the new version.

docksjo design veronika mittens tussilago docksjo design veronika mittens tussilago docksjo design veronika mittens tussilago docksjo design veronika mittens tussilago

Kaprifol Leggings

Kaprifol Leggings a new knitting pattern for winter leggings or trousers sized from premature – 10 years. We love them and the kiddo has been wearing hers striate out of the wash for the past couple of months now. The smalest size is the size that our little premature had when we got to bring her home with home care and started using clothes as a small 35 week baby one year ago. The Leggings are a a little thicker than usual and suitable for colder weather, rather quick to knit due to the gauge and simple construction.

Kaprifol Leggings 650

Kaprifol Leggings 650

Kaprifol Leggings 650

Yoga pants?

Kaprifol Leggings 650

Kaprifol Leggings 650

Kaprifol Leggings

Asklöv Hat

Asklöv docksjo design social size-1062

Asklöv hat is finally ready and rereleased and you can find it  in my shop. I’m so happy to be able to work a little bit agin and there are a few more pattern in progress and hopefully reaching you in the coming months. Working with a little one at home is definitely different but we are starting to get in to a new routine, this far it is getting easier and easier, and I love this that I can stay home with her for as long as we want and still work in the evenings without even leaving home.

Asklöv was originally published in Pompom last year and there are hundreds of beautiful hats out there already you can see Instagram for inspiration, the response for this pattern has been amazing and as the pattern is mine agin and finally a part of my collection I hope you like it.

docksjo design social size-1079

docksjo design social size-1085

docksjo design social size-1172

The last of the tussilago baby accessories patterns

Tussilago docksjo design 650

The last of the tussilago baby accessories patterns is finally released and I think this might be my favorite of the three even if I think they all look best together. Tussilago hat is a helmet style earflap hat in the size range from preemie to 49 cm head circumference and is intended to work for children 0-2 years just as Tussilago mittens and scarf.

Tussilago docksjo design 650  _dsc0354-2-maria-magnusson

Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design  Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design

Photo credit for the turqouise goes to Maria Magnusson, Pysseloch knåp who test knitted the hat and scarf and took this lovely picture.

Tussilago docksjo design 650

Tussilago in the Autumn Sun

Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design 161008_1197 Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design

All the Tussilago patterns are as a bundle here.

This was a brith and wonderful day and it always feels like a treat to work with this model, he so happy and adorable with his curly hair just like his mom. I knit all of these in Isager Alpaca 2 in a beautiful natural grey, I think that this makes the perfect set all knit in the same yarn and you can of course use a many different yarns for the patterns, this one it available locally to me and I live the depth in the colour and the lightness of the yarn.

Tussilago Baby Accessories


New patterns! The new Tussilago Baby Collection is available for pre-order. You will recieve the Mittens pattern right away and the Scarf and Hat within a couple of weeks. As a special release offer you can get the entire collection for the price of one pattern until Friday October 7. I really hope that you will enjoy these patterns as much as I do.They are quick to knit and simple, but with a flair of elegance that makes them just as pretty as easy to make.

Tussilago docksjo design 400Tussilago docksjo design 400


pompom Asklöv docksjo design

My newest design, it is still only available as a pre-order but will be released properly very soon (waiting for the printer and shipping and things). It is a part of Pompom quarterly issue 18 Autumn 2016, the natural dye issue. It is a hat with a leaf stitch pattern in colour work and a fold over twisted rib brim for extra warmth. The leaf motif is inspired by the ash leafs shape with a nice organic round but pointy shape.

pompom Asklöv docksjo design

I’m so pleased with this design, it turned out just as I imagined even if I was very nervous sending away the hat and pattern to pompom. Thankfully their photographer Rachel Hayton manage to capture it perfectly and the hat fit the model, something I was very anxious about beforehand as I didn’t have the models measurements when I was knitting the sample.

pompom Asklöv docksjo design

It feels amazing and a bit strange to be published along side these other amazing designers and I’m so incredibly happy to have my first non self published pattern and to have it in my favourite magazine feels amazing. Although I love the freedom and non restricted timetable of self-publishing it is something special to have this and definitely want to aim for an occasional collaboration. If you want to get your hand on a copy of this lovely magazine you can order it on

pompom Asklöv docksjo design

Pärlhyacint Cardigan

Pärlhyacint docksjo design

A new cardigan pattern for children and babies. The pattern is named after the spring bulb Muscari botryoidesin in Swedish Pärlhyacint and its beautiful stacking of the buds is the inspiration for the stitch pattern. As my favourite fashion era is the 1940’s to the 1960’s it’s no wonder that the cardigan has some resemblance of that period. It comes in sizes from newborn all the way up to early teens and I hope that you will like it. I knitted the sample in Rosy green wool, Big merino hug and the pattern is available both as a single pattern in my store and as a pattern yarn kit trough Organic Knitters.

Pärlhyacint docksjo design Pärlhyacint docksjo design Pärlhyacint docksjo design

Photo credit for the white goes to Katrin Guðjónsdóttir and for the bright blue to Katja Hartig.

I’m back with a few old photos

blåbär waistcoat docksjo design

I’m finally well enough to work a bit again, after a month of quite horrible exhaustion and stomach ache, it was never anything serious but the effects were quite extensive anyway. So now that I’m back I finally edited the photos from the blåbär waistcoat photo shoot over a month ago.

blåbär waistcoat docksjo design

This is my friend’s awesome kid wearing Blåbär waistcoat knitted in Organic Knitters Alpacka and a prototype for a trouser pattern I hope to release this autumn. The only issue we had this day was that she really wanted to keep the waistcoat.

blåbär waistcoat docksjo design blåbär waistcoat docksjo design blåbär waistcoat docksjo design

New pattern Blåbär Waistcoat

blåbär waistcoat docksjo design

I’m so glad to have another new pattern Blåbär Waistcoat a cute ribbed waistcoat with a button placket. It is sized from newborn all the way to teens and the long design together with the stretchy fabric allows it to grow with the child. The skill level is marked as advanced beginner, that is to say that you need to know how to knit but not much more in order to be able to follow the directions with a little determination. This pattern will soon be available as a kit through organic knitters using her lovely fair superfine alpaca, which I used for one of the samples. It works really well with the design, is wonderfully soft and drapes beautifully but not too much. I have created this pattern in collaboration with Matilda of Organic knitters and it has been a delight working with her.

I have a few photo session fails with the waistcoat, it can sometimes be hard working with children that sometimes don’t want to be a part of your ideas at all, but as the pattern is finished and I wanted to be able to release it right away I went ahead anyway. I have another photo session scheduled this week and I hope that it will work this time around. In the mean time here is one of my testers toddler in her new waistcoat so you can get an idea of the fit. Isn’t she adorable? Click the image if you want to get to Julias Instagram (she’s one of my favourite and knits amazing children’s wear).


Every new release makes me skip of joy and this one turned out just as I imagined, super cute and functional. It is the best feeling in the world and I hope that you like this new design as well.