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Dosen’t this seem like a wonderful place to liv. I am dreaming about moving out from the city again but Änggården is a very beautiful place too. I went her to take some pictures two days ago but when I got there the battery one my camera  was too low. I love the colours and the construction style it so welcoming and happy.


130703_7060 kopia

130703_7074 kopia

130703_7105 kopia

130703_7065 kopia

I am borrowing my fathers car this week (they are traveling) so I went on a trip to Nääs (slott) and I was probably the only one not locking at the castle, I was too absorbed by other things. It is a very beautiful place and I highly recommend you to go there if you are in the aria, I will be going back soon.

On my way bak I went to Tummelisa and stocked my favorite porcelain buttons for the summer sense she is closing for the summer on friday and I might need some of the best buttons before August.