Chataigne Shorts – take two

Chataigne Shorts Banksia

Blue linen Chataigne Shorts, pattern from Deer and Doe, modeled with Banksia.

I have made a lot of changes and truth be told I can’t remember them all. The fit is much better then with the orange pair but still not perfect, for some reason I can’t fit the waist band properly both of them have a centimeter or two too large waistband even if the muslin fit snuggly which is annoying since they have a tendency to slide down. I made the inside of the waistband in a contrasting geometric light gray quilting cotton witch is really nice and along with interfacing on both lining and shell fabric the waistband is stable with prevent the linen from stretching out of shape.

I had a feeling that I should strained the waistband, the teacher and I had different ways to do that and wanting to learn new thing I went with her way with is the reason for the bagginess in the front sadly it wasn’t a very good way, I think she is better at making her own patterns then fitting others without having to change everything. This is from the series of sewing workshops I attended this spring, it still was a nice experience sewing with others since I’m usually creating on my own, not knowing many people as obsessed in textile craftsmanship as I.

Chataigne Shorts Banksia

But see the crutch seam is pretty perfect don’t you think?

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4 thoughts on “Chataigne Shorts – take two

  1. Fabrickated

    I found your blog through the SSS, and I think the shorts are pretty impressive, especially the back which fit perfectly. I agree with you that the waist needs a snugger fit and your teacher should have helped you get the waistband exactly right. But trousers of all sorts are quite hard to fit so it is worth persisting. Maybe try a shorter pair, and full length trousers too.


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