Esther shorts

Inspired by Ada Spragg two piece set I bought the Esther shorts pattern and made my myself a pair the same night, to wear the next the for a day in the amusement park with my sister. The pattern fit perfectly on the first try after straightening the leg inseam as I always have to. I made them in a Vintage cotton canvas that use to be my grandmothers curtains in the late 60’s, 70’s.

Esther shorts  Esther shorts

The short have a high waist that is intended to hit the natural waist, for me it hits below the natural waist straight over my belly button but I like it better that way I used binding for the hem and in that way lengthened them a few cm to a more flattering length I think that gives an illusion of longer legs and together with the high waist still looks like you are wearing a reasonable amount of clothes (I really don’t like mini shorts or anything mini on adults). Highly recommend the Esther Shorts.

Size range:  Hip: 91-117cm Waist: 64-89cm

See that perfect pattern matching in the front seam.

Esther shorts  Esther shorts

I still have a problem with trousers stretching out of shape as I had before, they did really fit perfectly for half a day then getting soaked a few times they stretched out, hopefully they will shrink again in the wash.
But is there anything I can do about this?
Because it is getting frustrating to perfectly fit a pattern only to have a to large pair after use.

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6 thoughts on “Esther shorts

  1. Nicole

    I have the same problem with my pants/shorts stretching out over the course of the day. The only solution I’ve found is to try not to sit down since that’s what seems to cause most of the stretching. So I try to save the shorts for days when I’ll be walking around a lot instead of sitting a lot.

  2. Nita

    I love that you used your grandmother’s old curtains! They make perfect shorts. I came home from the thrift store today with a table cloth that will make an excellent pair of shorts for only $1. Love it! And great pattern matching!

    1. docksjo Post author

      Tack, det tycker jag med men pappa avskyr det verkligen, han stirrade på dom en stund utan att kommentera. Jag funderar på en matchande top men har inte kommit till skott än.


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