First week of Me Made May

May 1st

Mmmay15 nancy zinia

Me mades: Nancy, Zinnia, Peplum blouse, leggings.

May 2nd

Me mades: Leggings

May 3d

Perlemorsgenser mother of pearl

Me mades: Kerrera, Spring graden tee, Zinnia, Perlemorsgenser

May 4th

Me mades: Leggings, T-shirt, Kerrera

May 5th

Me mades: SorbettoKerrera

May 6th

City girl mmmay15

Me mades: Coppelia, City girl, Leggings, this photo was taken about 21:15 and it was still light summer is definitely coming even if it’s cold.

May 7d

Me mades: City Girl, Leggings

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