Forest Cardigan

Forest cardigan Argo

This is a sweater that almost didn’t became completed. I had a lot of doubts on the way, but here it is already well used. The pattern is Argo by Svetlana Volkova and I knitted it a size up to give it a loose fit hoping that it will allow a thiner cardigan underneath on cold days. The yarn I used is Shilasdair Luxury DK w/Camel paired with Navia Uno 1150 meters of each, the Shilasdair yarn was a bit more variated then I expected when I bought it online but paired up with a solid Shetland wool it evened out to a nice green. I really like a slight variation in the colour but not more that that and this is right at the edge of what I like. The angora content together with the wool makes it warm and still light. I thing that the weight can be an issue with warn hand knits or sweaters in general that in order to stay warm you end up wearing 1 kg of sweater, that is adding bulk and stretching out, not very comfortable but at least you’re warm. I’m hoping to make another angora sweater soon so that I have another warm and lights sweater, but I don’t think that will happen in time for this winter, since I’m mostly thinking about my summer wardrobe at the moment.

Forest cardigan Argo  Forest cardigan Argo Forest cardigan Argo Forest cardigan Argo Forest cardigan Argo  Forest cardigan Argo Forest cardigan Argo Forest cardigan Argo

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4 thoughts on “Forest Cardigan

  1. Michelle

    Thank goodness for layers! 😀 I really like this sweater. I can’t begin to think about summer wardrobe building yet. Last year, winter stayed until May, so I’m going to stick to warm clothes and layers for a couple more months. 😀

  2. joelle

    wonderful cardi! it suddenly turned cold here in Malmö so i find myself wanting to wear all my knitwear at once, but of course, that is not possible…

    1. docksjo Post author

      Thak you, I have a tendency to bring an extra bag with me to school for extra knits that I might need in the cold chemistry building on campus.


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