Hat fewer

For some unknown reason I’m making lots of hats at the moment, I think it started when I discovered the Norwegian indie “market”. Gorgeous knit kids wear and hats, most or them aren’t on ravelry for some unknown reason so it is much harder to find them but I’m so glad I did. I have made 5 hats in the past two months. Me a person who declared that I don’t really like hat knitting as late as december can now see myself as conquered by the hats.

First up Kyse med hullmønster knitted in pickles extra fine merino the pattern comes from Strikk til mama og mini but can also be purchesed on ravelry.

Here comes a small preview of whats in the making.

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One thought on “Hat fewer

  1. Charity

    This is so beautiful! Any tips for finding/navigating the Norwegian indie market? I see some beautiful knits on Instagram, but I don’t know how to find the patterns.


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