My sisters 5 year birthday it coming up soon and I she has requested a crotched crown in shiny sparkly golden  yarn. I thought the a knight costume would be perfect, she already have a few princess dresses. I made a crown in shiny golden jersey and a mantle in shiny emerald velour and bough a wooden sword.

Riddare mantel

I made a mantle pattern after one of her t-shirts, used the same shoulder slope and just continued  downward.

Crown Riddare krona

To make it sturdier a inserted a thick steel treed in the points of the crown.

Crown Riddare krona

I used a wide zigzag  on one side and hooks on the other side to fasten it .

Crown Riddare kronaCrown Riddare kronaKnight Ebba 5 år Knight Ebba 5 år Knight Ebba 5 år Knight Ebba 5 år Knight Ebba 5 år Knight Ebba 5 år

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