Lamb susan b anderson toy

Lamb by Susan B. Anderson, this is the second one I’ve made the first one went to my sister and needed mending a few weeks ago so after I mended her I started a new one to keep. As lats time I change the body and lengthened the legs and omit wire in the legs to keep the toy soft and cuddly rather then being able to stand. The yarn for the head and legs is Sublime yarn cashmere merino silk DK and Drops alpaca bouclé for the body. to make the body extra sleepy I use the reverse stotckinet side and the outside and made the body as one continuase sfeare insead of knitting an oval for the back and picking up stitches, I did try tat first but this bouclé yarn is horrible to work with and picking up stitches did not work out it was one big mess so I ripped it all out and started with a 6 stitch circal increared 6 stitches a row and then every second row until I reaced the number of stitches alled for knitted the length of the body and made the decreases as caled for in the pattern. I have the itty bitty toys book by Susan B. Anderson and worked from the book but the pattern is also available for free on Petite Purls.

Lamb susan b anderson toy Lamb susan b anderson toy Lamb susan b anderson toy This cute sheep that looks like it needs some shearing.

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