Lost knitting

Yesterday I lost my knitting and it was horrible, I went everywhere and could not found it. Later in the evening I found it again in the restroom in school. The worst thing about losing it wasn’t really the loss but that some one had taken my knitting my beautiful little almost complete baby cardigan of my own design. Only a knitter would have taken that and I believed that another knitter wold understand how much work it was behind that and turn it in. I almost stopped believing in you yesterday. But then on my second round to everywhere i had been during the day I found it sitting on top of the paper towels and I was relieved.


This is the beautiful little cardigan named Whales, I need a test knitter, would you like to be one please email me on docksjo(a)gmail.com

Before I realized that my knitting was missing I bought this lovely fabric for a summers dress and a bargain (89 sek/ meter). The content is 50% linen and 50% cotton.


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9 thoughts on “Lost knitting

  1. Anna

    Hej tur att du hittade stickningen. Var har du hittat det fina tyget? Sydde byxor i något som liknar ditt tyg, älskade dem. Vill ha ett par till!


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