Mimi blouse + book review of Love at First Stitch


This is my first project from Love at first stitch by Tilly and the buttons that I got for my birthday. I had to make a broad shoulder expansion (see here) in order to get in to it but the result is a beautiful, airy and very comfortable blouse. I used nani IRO double gauze cotton fabric, which is amazing by the way. The buttons are 11 mm self covered buttons it the same fabric.

This pattern was the biggest reason that I wanted this book it’s just a perfect blouse. The pattern in the fabric doesn’t work as well as I thought for this blouse but it is still a lovely blouse and there will be more of them. I love this yoke, it is similar to the yoke in Brigitte by République du Chiffon that I’m working on (or it’s waiting for a coordinating zipper) it very feminine and airy so it works well on hot summer days which we currently have today it is supposed to be 29 celsius.


Book review of Love at first stitch by Tilly Walens

The book have very clear step by step photo tutorials for all techniques used and is easy to use, the projects are organized so that is you start on page one and then work your way through the book you can start as a beginner and learn a little at the time and master technique after technique until the 2 final project the Mimi blouse with collar, bias binding, neck facing, button holes and pleats and the Lilou dress with lined, under lined, fitted bodice and pleated skirt. All the patterns are intended for woven fabric.

Easy to follow instruction to a few beautiful patterns and clear photography.

Size range: Bust: 76-112cm Waist: 61-96cm Hip: 84-119cm

There are fitting instructions but only written and a bit short so if it is your fist dress making project it might not be enough to properly fit the bodice, skirt and sleeves that the first dress in the book have. I think it might be better to start with a sleeveless dress for the first one but that is my personal preference.

It is directed to a beginner but the last patterns in the book the Delphine skirt, Megan dress, Mimi Blouse and Lilou dress are personal and beautiful patterns with a sensation of mixed vintage that I love. All patterns have variations so you can been inspired to modify and see how colour-blocking effects the style and make it more personal. I think this book is beautifully photographed (a bit heavy of the makeup but you can clearly see the garments and the techniques shown) the patterns are cute and can be used as beautiful patterns for the more experienced sewer or as an introduction to sewing by a novice. This is something to give to a friend or a young woman that is starting to show interest in garment sewing or to treat yourself to a beautiful book filed with inspiration and a few patterns.

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4 thoughts on “Mimi blouse + book review of Love at First Stitch

  1. Nicole

    Your Mimi blouse is adorable! I got this book a few months ago, but confess I haven’t made anything yet, even though I love love love both Mimi and Lilou. Now I really want to get started on a Mimi soon!

    1. docksjo Post author

      Thank you, I really do love it and wore it the other day when it was 30 degrees (al lot for Sweden) and it was fine. a loos fit and a wonderful fabric makes all the different. it is quite a long project with a lot of small details and it tock longer then my usual blouse but except from taking the self cover buttons apart from the cardboard it was all pleasant. The reason for the slow progress might have been that my head doesn’t work properly in this het.
      When I first tried on the muslin I thought that it would never work but it was surprisingly easy to modify and I got it right on the fist time. Good luck and hope that you find it as pleasing as I do.

      I found your comment in the spam box, I just thought you should know.

    1. docksjo Post author

      Thank you, yes it would be wonderful if it was more like it is in the indie knitting world when you can choose to buy the book, ebook, or individual pattern but isn’t it always like this and the price at least her is lower then 2 Vogue patterns so it not to bad to buy the book only for the patterns and megan dress is simple but really nice to.


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