Plantain t-shirts

When my favorite designer released this fabulous t-shirt for free I rushed to buy some fabric (or I thought I did) as it happens the online purchase never went through and I have been waiting and worrying about why it hadn’t arrived yet. As I was looking for all the purchase information so that I could ask the company why they hadn’t sent my package yet, only to realize that there was no purchase at all. After this I searched in my special storage for a special fabric and found some that was suitable. These are the first 2 of many more to come, the pattern is beautifully done and easy to follow. It has a few sleeve options and nice elbow paths if you like that.

First up, a thicker wintery sweater suitable for a snowy day like this (we got about 30 cm outside our window, love it) made in a cotton french teary, it is sturdy and excellent for this T. It feels great to wear and looks more professional because of its sturdiness.

Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt  Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt

And last, Merino double knit with a little elastane to make it rebound well. The fabric has a bird eye pattern with rose red and white even if the photos don’t show it very well. I have been saving this for some time until I found the perfect sweater pattern.

Plantain t-shirt

Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt

Details: I lengthened the sleeves about 5cm and sewed the sleeves with only 3/8″ seam allowance instead of 5/8″ and left out the elbow paths, otherwise I followed the pattern precisely.

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