Ptarmigan cowl

Ptarmigan by Jared Flood I used 60 gram, 216 meter of Natural Dye Studio ANGEL Sock a christmas gift from my soon to be mother in law. I have been eyeing this pattern sense in came out in 2010 waiting for the perfect yarn, wordy of the pattern. I finally decided just to make it and the result is wonderful.

130427_6008 kopia

Information: My Gauge is 27 st and I’m using sport whiegt yarn and the width is the same if you make 6 repetitions instead of 5 as the pattern calls for. I also made it longer two row 20 the second time on chart B and then a k3tog row and 2 stockinet before the grader ridges.

I hade some with the yarn, my hands where bright red and purple after I worked with it and it wouldn’t come of. I soked it with acetic acid chemise as I am, and I hope that that will have fixed it but I do not know.

130417_5899 kopia

130417_5923 kopia

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