Socks lacy anklets

Something strange happened as I was listening to back episodes of the knit more girls, I started craving making socks, hand knit beautiful socks. I don’t even like wearing hand knit socks in shoes so I only wear them at home or when we visit people with cold floors. Anyway I rummished around in my stash and found a beautiful yellow skein, went through my pattern stash and found this pattern in my knit red book the combination is stunning and I really like my new intensively yellow/orange lace socks. The yarn is Tant kofta’s sock yarn and the pattern is Lacy anklets by Melissa Morgan-Oakes.

Socks lacy anklets Socks lacy anklets

The sock bug infected me to the point that I have now started knitting on another pair in acid yellow yarn from my stash and bought new self striping sock yarn.



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