I did say the I caught the sock bug, here and my newly made bed socks. My old and very loved bed socks got a hole, I woke in the middle of the night possibly caused by a hole at the right toe and when I sat down to mend them I realized the whole sole was thread worn and beyond mending. Despite that I did mend the entire sole of both of them because I do really like them. The next day I however realized that I needed new and went through my stash. I didn’t have enough yarn for my usual pattern that require 150 grams so I made a shorter in stockinet instead I really like these, they’re quick, cute and easy to make, and only require about 100 grams of worsted weight

Sockor_20150618_0123 Sockor_20150618_0119 And then one late saturday evening I thought why not make on other pair, a more colourful version. So I made another pair in some nice scraps I had and home, and oh how I love my new colourwork socks. Colourwork makes me happy in all aspect it’s bright and the most wonderful thing to knit. I love seeing the pattern grow, even if is just a small detail as in this case it brightens everything and makes the world a little happier. So here comes a little bit of bright happiness.

Sockor_20150618_0082 copy

What is your favorite kind of knitting?

Anyone else that’s crazy about colourwork?

No?  Just me then.

Sockor_20150618_0082 Sockor_20150618_0083

The yarn is Filcolana Peruvian Highland Wool and I used about 200 meters and the pattern is completely my own and wonderfully simple. And even though there new and it is summer I have gotten a fair bit of use out of them, the heat hasn’t really got here yet and do much prefer this cooler summer so that I can wear my new sock and colourful cardigans, and it’s wonderful.

This pattern isn’t released yet but you can find all my other knitting patterns here if you are interested.

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