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Snoningstrøje baby

Snoningstrøje from Strikkede babydrømme (Lullaby Knits, in english) by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard, but I used the free pattern in danish found here. I made it in Sandnes Alpakka in the colourway 5563 somewhere between blue and purple. For the 18-24 months size I used 3.5 skeins about 400 meters.  I lengthened the body 3 cable repeats and shortened the yoke 2 or 3 cable repeats since the original had a very long yoke which can restrict arm movement. I think that the ribbed cable structure will allow it to grow with the child and make it fit for a slightly longer period. Now that I deciphered the pattern, being 1/4 danish don’t make it any easier all though I will send the next danish pattern to my aunt so she can translate it for me before I start.


This sweet little cardigan is a new design of mine and I am looking for tester, if you want to be one please read this.



This Little cardigan has been in my thoughts for a long time and I am very happy to have a finnish pattern, it just needs to  be tested. The inspiration comes from this hat made by Kate Gagnon Osborn.

The yarn I used it drops baby alpaca silk and the buttons are porcelain ones from Tummelisa.

Lost knitting

Yesterday I lost my knitting and it was horrible, I went everywhere and could not found it. Later in the evening I found it again in the restroom in school. The worst thing about losing it wasn’t really the loss but that some one had taken my knitting my beautiful little almost complete baby cardigan of my own design. Only a knitter would have taken that and I believed that another knitter wold understand how much work it was behind that and turn it in. I almost stopped believing in you yesterday. But then on my second round to everywhere i had been during the day I found it sitting on top of the paper towels and I was relieved.


This is the beautiful little cardigan named Whales, I need a test knitter, would you like to be one please email me on docksjo(a)gmail.com

Before I realized that my knitting was missing I bought this lovely fabric for a summers dress and a bargain (89 sek/ meter). The content is 50% linen and 50% cotton.


Little Oak cardigan

little oak

Little Oak by Alana Dakos, 12 months size knitted in almost 1 skein jitterbug (400 m/150g) on 3.0 mm needles (US 2 1/2). I think it’s adorable, but the yoke is the same for both 6 m and 12 m and for both sizes you decrease before you create the cables and for the 12 m size you decrease quite a bit and I simply think that the yoke is a bit too tight. But I don’t have anyone to try it on, so this might in fact not be a problem.  If you are thinking about knitting this cute little sweater, I recommend that you knit it in another size that doesn’t have this varied decreasing. Ex. 6 m or 18 m.

I found tiny acorns (ekollon) buttons on Tummelisa and what is better then acorns on an oak cardigan.

little oak

From the recipient: the 1 year size fitted him when he was 4-8 months.