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Green stripes

Hawthorn 2 green stripes

This is my second hawthorn, you can find the first here, it is made in a thin striped linen in the colour of spring. I modified the collar to make it wider and to make it lie flat (the original looked like airplane wings ), the skirt to a gathered one and drafted cap-sleeves. I had planed for dark brown wooden buttons but after searching 4 different notion/yarn/fabric shops, I gave in and went for turquoise pear one instead. If I ever find the perfect brown button I might have to change them, since it would give the entire dress the feeling a was going for, more of a rustic, swedish summer feeling.

It was windy and I had huge trouble with taking photos so after selecting the acceptable ones I only had photos of my backside which is weird.

Hawthorn 2 green stripes Hawthorn 2 green stripes Hawthorn 2 green stripes Hawthorn 2 green stripes Hawthorn 2 green stripes  Hawthorn 2 green stripes Cayley

Here you can see my Cayley with buttons, this has become my go-to sweater, blue, warm and comfortable. Hawthorn 2 green stripes

Next up sewing wise is a bow tied blouse that I have been working on. I really want a white silk bow tied blouse as well but have trouble locating some affordable fabric if you have any suggestions on where to find some “heavy”silk crepe or similar are welcome. An ivory lace bra, I bought a beautiful lace and some silk organza for it a few days ago, I am really excited to start that and it will probably be the next project I lay my hands on, it going to be so beautiful.

Washi dress

Blommig Washi dress

This is the 2nd Washi dress I’ve made, I made the first one about a year ago but it still haven’t found it’s way to the blog. This one has only one modification, I lengthened the bodice 2 cm above the bust dart, since I apparently have a low bust. The fabric is a medium weight cotton very different to the last one that was made in a light batiste like cotton, the bodice is lined but not the skirt. I used the Washi expansion pack version C. I love it, it is so though through, I love how the collar bubbles up the perfect amount.  I think that I used 2.3 m of a 110 cm width.