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The last of the tussilago baby accessories patterns

Tussilago docksjo design 650

The last of the tussilago baby accessories patterns is finally released and I think this might be my favorite of the three even if I think they all look best together. Tussilago hat is a helmet style earflap hat in the size range from preemie to 49 cm head circumference and is intended to work for children 0-2 years just as Tussilago mittens and scarf.

Tussilago docksjo design 650  _dsc0354-2-maria-magnusson

Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design  Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design

Photo credit for the turqouise goes to Maria Magnusson, Pysseloch knåp who test knitted the hat and scarf and took this lovely picture.

Tussilago docksjo design 650

I’m back with a few old photos

blåbär waistcoat docksjo design

I’m finally well enough to work a bit again, after a month of quite horrible exhaustion and stomach ache, it was never anything serious but the effects were quite extensive anyway. So now that I’m back I finally edited the photos from the blåbär waistcoat photo shoot over a month ago.

blåbär waistcoat docksjo design

This is my friend’s awesome kid wearing Blåbär waistcoat knitted in Organic Knitters Alpacka and a prototype for a trouser pattern I hope to release this autumn. The only issue we had this day was that she really wanted to keep the waistcoat.

blåbär waistcoat docksjo design blåbär waistcoat docksjo design blåbär waistcoat docksjo design

Learning something new

Woodcarving docksjo design

I have been enjoying wood carving for a few weeks now and it has been wonderful to get into a new craft and a bit humbling to try and learn something new. I did some carving as a child but it’s been more then 10 years since I attempted to make something other then firewood or shelving with wood.

I got a shorter carving knife, this one, it was inexpensive, made here in Sweden and in the same brand as my scouting knife, but I quickly learned that it wasn’t the best choice for carving. The blade is a bit too fragile (or possibly I’m a bit too hard on it). I do not recommend it if you are thinking about starting.

I went foraging for some wood and started with a bit of a branch and started to shape a spoon just to get to know the knife. However I quickly learned that there was no way of getting around that fact that a straight blade can’t possibly make the gouging for the spoon. I made a note to get another tool for this and started working on a bunny instead. I worked 2 days solid before I was pleased with the shape, being so inexperienced it took some time to get it right. I was determined to be able to make the toy only using this one knife and it was possible and I’m so incredibly proud of it.

Woodcarving docksjo design

I had been eyeing these beautiful wooden toys for some time, but being the person I am, I didn’t want to wait and maybe get some in the future when we have children to play with them. I wanted to make them my self so that we can have home made toys when that day comes.

Woodcarving docksjo design

If you want the items to last and prevent stains on the wood it is important to treat the wood, there are many ways to do so and I choose to treat mine with light coloured organic raw flax seed oil. This is something easily found in an art supply store as it is also used to make oil paint. You can use flax seed oil from the grocery store as well, but it is usually deeply coloured and will effect the colour of the wood more.

Waver Jacket

20151014_0530docksjo design

I’m making a cotton nice weather jacket, it is made in the amazing screen printed cotton I got from my sister in law a few years ago. I tried making a dress from the fabric when I got it, but my sewing skills wasn’t that great and it didn’t even make it to the blog. The result was just too bad to show it, this jacket however is amazing. The print makes it a quite bold but in a nice way. The pattern is Waver jacket by Papercut patterns, I did a broad shoulder adjustment, Se below, I needed to add 2 cm extra width 12 cm from the neckline and you can see how I did, I cut to the seam allowance saving just enough for it to stay together and then pulled it apart 2 cm and re-drew the pattern piece, this way the excess is only added where it is needed at the shoulders.

20151004_0466docksjo design

I changed the pockets to bound with flaps and silk lining so they don’t add any bulk to the jacket. I bagged the jacket using the same tutorial as I did with my Veste Bernadette. I think it is quick and makes everything look neat and nice on the inside as well. For the lining I used some lightweight cotton, I walked around in my local fabric store for about an hour without finding something quite like the one in my mind or something I really liked within my budget and finally decided to make do with this green owl print. I now remember why you always should line the sleeves with silk no matter what you line the rest with, it is tricky to get the jacket on when you are wearing a heavy sweater. Since I haven’t had a cotton lined jacket for at least 5 years now I had forgotten that this is an issue. I thought that this would be fine. It is cotton but the surface is smooth almost lit satin treated cotton, well not smooth enough.

20151014_0472docksjo design 20151014_0481docksjo design 20151014_0482docksjo design-2 20151014_0487docksjo design

This is how much I like it.


20151014_0488docksjo design-2 20151014_0494docksjo design-2 20151014_0507docksjo design 20151014_0552docksjo design

Say No to fast fashion

Say No to fast fashion

How is making everything myself any better then buying commercially in a sustainable aspect?

Well it’s not. It might even be worse, commercial production have optimised everything so that as much of the material as possible are used and to be efficient. The aspect you can compete with by making your own is to only make what you actually need and to do that well only you have the opportunity to make garments form your own measurements that fit your body. Think through exactly what you need and make it perfect, ensure that the fit is perfect for your shape, that the colour suites you and is something you will like for a long time. Think long term, don’t stock up a big stash, your taste will most likely change.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect and only make the perfect items, that I love and cherish for years and years, but I would like to be.

I think that the knitting and absolutely the sewing community have taken on the fast fashion trend. I hope that this can be a wake up call for someone more then me, just to stop and think. Choose one project and make it really well. Do that hand stitching and take your time with one project instead of making several in the same amount of time.

Making things is essential for me. It is what makes me happy, calm, excited and more, so to stop making things isn’t an option, but trying to be aware and take it slow to take my time when sourcing materials is.

I have planned a series of posts where I go through how to curate a wardrobe or rather how I attempt to curate my wardrobe.

Please share you toughs in the comments or a link, I’d love to here what you think.

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Cirkus Cardigan

Cirkus tent baby cardigan

It is finished and super cute. I’m so glad I finally made one. In the pattern, the other side was used as the outside and I did weave in the ends in a way that allowed both sides the be the outside and had planned on placing buttons on both sides, but in the end I just put them on this side. I think it’s the cutest and craziest.

The pattern is from Strikk till mamma go mini but there is a similar for free here in english. I made the 3 month size and the yarn is teetee alpakka dyed by me and the buttons are porcelain from tummelisa.

I’m really glad I didn’t do a larger size due to the hundred or more ends to weave in.

Cirkus tent cardigan baby

I have started a newsletter, it will come occasionally and with previews of new designs and coupon codes. It will most likely not come more then 2 times a month and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Faunalue snoningstrøje

I made this Faunalue from most of my leftover from Snoningstrøje, this is another pattern from Paelas. The lace pattern isn’t the most enjoyable to knit but I really like the look of the pattern. I used 45gram (99 meters) Sandnes Alpakka for the toddler size, which is on the thin side for this pattern, the colourway is 5563, the perfect blue/purple colour. The alpaca doesn’t show off the stitch pattern as well as merino yarn would, but I think it looks great this fussy way to.

I really like matching sets, it always feels special. So now I only hope that they will fit someone at the same time. But we’ll see when that time comes. I’m also thinking of making more knits in similar colour that will coordinate well with all the little items I already have stored. To make more complete sets without knitting all the pieces, so that all the little cardigans  and sweater have leggings and hats or something that goes with it.

Faunalue snoningstrøje

Tania Culottes

Tanja clouset

Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen made in a light cotton that my mom got for me.. These are my first pair and I had to do a lot of modifications due to the fact the pattern doesn’t come in my size. The fit isn’t perfect yet but absolutely wearable. They hit at a point were the slope between waist and hip is at it’s maximum for me and not in the waist as intended but I prefer the skirt to sit a little lower so thats not an issue. The only thing that is a problem is that I didn’t increase the slope or curve of the waistband enough so it’s gaping in the top of the waist band but tight in the bottom. This makes me want to pull in down more but that is not flattering at all and looks like I am wearing a to small skirt with bulging hips below the waist band, so as long as I don’t pull it down and have i blouse tucked in it works just fine. I will definitely fix this for the next one. I did also lengthen it as much as the fabric allowed, about 14 cm, but that was not enough, I still think that is too short. For the next one I need a lot of fabric 4 skirt lengths in fact. I used about 1.80 meter for this one  I think it’s almost 2 months since I made and photographed it. I only just realized that is had missed the blog when I was adding links for my linen pencil skirt and Belcarra Blouse

Tanja clouset

It’s a genius design and my fitting problem is only due to that I have 3 sizes smaller waist the hips, I love the feminine look that a circle skirt have but they aren’t the best when riding a bike in the the summer with bare legs. They have a tendency to slide up I don’t know how many times I have held down the skirt in one hand and trying to maneuver the bike with the other. But these are short and I will fix that problem since I love skirts and mostly bike where ever I’m going, especially in the summer when the buses are too hot of humans and overloaded by tourists. As soon as I find the appropriate fabric I will make more and longer versions of Tania Culottes.

Tanja clouset Tanja clouset


Wardrobe planing

Washi dress Kerrera cardigan outfit

As many other bloggers, I have lately been thinking a lot about how to make my wardrobe more personal, unitary and elegant. I want to feel like every piece of clothing is something that I feel beautiful in and that fits well. Because every day deserves nice and comfortable clothes and I want to be able to pick anything  from my closet and feel just as good about it.

Washi dress Kerrera cardigan outfit

This outfit has been my favorite ever since I made this dress, It is all me made, even the leggings. You can find more about the cardigan here. I love this simple perfect amount of fit, happy but still discreet if pink can be discreet. The collar and the pleats make the dress stylish and the cardigan, is as soft as wool can be, warm and has pockets. Pockets are something that is important to me, I have far to many skirts dresses and cardigans without pockets which means no where to put my keys and keycard.

To reach this goal I have to sorted all of my clothes in to 3 piles:

1  Things I love and wear often, to stay.

2  Things that I love a bit too much and that are perfectly fine but don’t fit properly, these are saved in boxes not too many but a few.

3 Was the biggest pile, things that don’t fit properly; that I never use; don’t like or doesn’t feel right; these went to a second-hand charity shop.

I don’t want anything to take space in my closet that don’t belong there. I also made a colour scheme so that I can more easily coordinate things, so that everything fits together nicely however I mix it.  I decided to make navy and grey my basic colour and all of the others to pop and bring happiness and life to the rest. The only difference from the colour I have at the moment is the greens, I have been wanting some green colour for a long time but have been having trouble finding the right one and I think that this will help me find it. I am planning to print this and laminate it and have a colour card in my wallet so that I can keep it with me all the time and therefore more easily coordinate. It can be very difficult from time to time to see beyond the pretty fabric and imagine the finished piece and whether the colour actually is flattering on me, go well with the rest of my clothes and I think that this will make that easier.


My perfect wardrobe

Basic everyday things:

Dresses. I wear dresses almost every day so they are the main structure as well as leggings and cardigans.

I’d like to have a couple of trousers to wear around the house that are comfortable and that fit underneath rain cover, but not too many.

Tops a few in nice colours, navy, pink and white, a Polka Dot grey with white dots like this one.

It is very important that these do not require ironing to look good, because I do not iron my clothes before school or work everyday.

Festive: Dresses and a few shrugs and shawls in a lot or different colours to fit the dress code on concerts.

I would really like a pink coat but I didn’t really need one since I have a few coats and the one I use the most is the rain coat and when it is really cold my down coat.

What I do need, is running tops and leggings and a couple of slips.

You know that I made my own fashionary a while back and that was when I really started all of this, and I have been sketching a lot to figure out what I like and don’t like, trying to make my style more thought through.

Other blogs writhing about wardrobe planning:

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There was at least one more I had in mind but I can’t remember, so if you know a post about this that you like please leave a comment so I can check it out and add it to this post.

I have been instagramming about this a little and will probably continue with the tags #WearableWardrobe  #WardrobeArchitect

Do you have any thoughts about what you create?     I’d love to know.