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Simple and beautiful

Textured shawl

The wonderful alpaca yarn has transformed in to a warm and soft shawl. I used all of 4 skins Blue Sky Alpacas Melange and Textured shawl recipe by Orlane. I love this shawl and every one else seems to want to steal it when ever I am wearing it.

My Pattern modifications:

cast on 9 st.
Next row: k3, p2, pm, p1, k3

Next row: k3, m1l, k to marker, m1r, sm, k1, m1l, k until 3 st before end, m1r, k3
Next row: k3, p until 3 st before end, k3

first border stockinet: 20 rows
second border pattern stitch: 22 rows
third border stockinet: 20 rows
forth border pattern stitch: 22 rows
fifth border stockinet: 20 rows
sixth bored garder stitch: 5 rows
 (without increases the last row)
bind off knitwise from the wrong side

This gives even borders and uses the entire 4 skins, I have about 3 yards leftover.

Textured shawl

Textured shawl

130509_6151 kopia
Textured shawlI still want to make all the things with this yarn, it’s simply wonderful.