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Simple and beautiful

Textured shawl

The wonderful alpaca yarn has transformed in to a warm and soft shawl. I used all of 4 skins Blue Sky Alpacas Melange and Textured shawl recipe by Orlane. I love this shawl and every one else seems to want to steal it when ever I am wearing it.

My Pattern modifications:

cast on 9 st.
Next row: k3, p2, pm, p1, k3

Next row: k3, m1l, k to marker, m1r, sm, k1, m1l, k until 3 st before end, m1r, k3
Next row: k3, p until 3 st before end, k3

first border stockinet: 20 rows
second border pattern stitch: 22 rows
third border stockinet: 20 rows
forth border pattern stitch: 22 rows
fifth border stockinet: 20 rows
sixth bored garder stitch: 5 rows
 (without increases the last row)
bind off knitwise from the wrong side

This gives even borders and uses the entire 4 skins, I have about 3 yards leftover.

Textured shawl

Textured shawl

130509_6151 kopia
Textured shawlI still want to make all the things with this yarn, it’s simply wonderful.




This sweet little cardigan is a new design of mine and I am looking for tester, if you want to be one please read this.



This Little cardigan has been in my thoughts for a long time and I am very happy to have a finnish pattern, it just needs to  be tested. The inspiration comes from this hat made by Kate Gagnon Osborn.

The yarn I used it drops baby alpaca silk and the buttons are porcelain ones from Tummelisa.

Ptarmigan cowl

Ptarmigan by Jared Flood I used 60 gram, 216 meter of Natural Dye Studio ANGEL Sock a christmas gift from my soon to be mother in law. I have been eyeing this pattern sense in came out in 2010 waiting for the perfect yarn, wordy of the pattern. I finally decided just to make it and the result is wonderful.

130427_6008 kopia

Information: My Gauge is 27 st and I’m using sport whiegt yarn and the width is the same if you make 6 repetitions instead of 5 as the pattern calls for. I also made it longer two row 20 the second time on chart B and then a k3tog row and 2 stockinet before the grader ridges.

I hade some with the yarn, my hands where bright red and purple after I worked with it and it wouldn’t come of. I soked it with acetic acid chemise as I am, and I hope that that will have fixed it but I do not know.

130417_5899 kopia

130417_5923 kopia

Almost there

Downton cardigan docksjo

My downton cardigan is almost finished all that is missing it the collar and I don’t now how to make it. My yarn amount it quite limited so I don’t think that I have enough for a double in stockinet as in the pattern, but maybe a crochet one.

Do you have any suggestions?

I have made a steek for the first time and it worked just fine, I was afraid the my reinforcement wouldn’t hold but it did and I will do it agin.

Downton cardigan docksjo

Downton cardigan docksjo

Knitting, Finally

This is so-pose to bee a knitting blog, but there haven’t bee much knitting lately, I have been knitting even if it hasn’t been as mush as usual. The problem is that I haven’t been up to modeling my knits, I prefer to be the one holding the camera.

This lovely cardigan is creation from the beginning of the 1940’s by Emma Jacobsson, from Bohus Stickning. There isn’t any pattern left for this beautiful creation, but I will make one some day. I think that this is the perfect dress cardigan, knitted tightly in lace weight with beautiful cables.


The pattern is named Österrikaren Austrian.

The baking paride will most likely counting for a month or so more, I’m testing recipes for our wedding, that will take place in the end of june at midsummer’s day. I’m very exited.

Lost knitting

Yesterday I lost my knitting and it was horrible, I went everywhere and could not found it. Later in the evening I found it again in the restroom in school. The worst thing about losing it wasn’t really the loss but that some one had taken my knitting my beautiful little almost complete baby cardigan of my own design. Only a knitter would have taken that and I believed that another knitter wold understand how much work it was behind that and turn it in. I almost stopped believing in you yesterday. But then on my second round to everywhere i had been during the day I found it sitting on top of the paper towels and I was relieved.


This is the beautiful little cardigan named Whales, I need a test knitter, would you like to be one please email me on docksjo(a)gmail.com

Before I realized that my knitting was missing I bought this lovely fabric for a summers dress and a bargain (89 sek/ meter). The content is 50% linen and 50% cotton.



I have been wearing this lovely bow almost every day since I made it last week. 

Bow sedstitch

Seed-stitch bow

3.0mm needles

DK weight yarn

Cast on 40 st, place marker,  join in the round.

Row 1: knit 1, purl 1, until marker.

Row 2: purl 1, knit 1, until marker.

Repeat the last 2 rows 8 more times , bind off in pattern, do not cut the yarn, but pull the ball through the last loop.

Fold the tube in the middle with the yarn in the middle. Make the middle by circling around secure on the backside and sew a safety pin or a barrette to the backside.