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Little Oak cardigan

little oak

Little Oak by Alana Dakos, 12 months size knitted in almost 1 skein jitterbug (400 m/150g) on 3.0 mm needles (US 2 1/2). I think it’s adorable, but the yoke is the same for both 6 m and 12 m and for both sizes you decrease before you create the cables and for the 12 m size you decrease quite a bit and I simply think that the yoke is a bit too tight. But I don’t have anyone to try it on, so this might in fact not be a problem.  If you are thinking about knitting this cute little sweater, I recommend that you knit it in another size that doesn’t have this varied decreasing. Ex. 6 m or 18 m.

I found tiny acorns (ekollon) buttons on Tummelisa and what is better then acorns on an oak cardigan.

little oak

From the recipient: the 1 year size fitted him when he was 4-8 months.