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Vide Socks are Back

20160314_2591docksjo design

I’m happy to announce that Vide socks are back in the new format with lots of additional sizes from approximately 3 years (Eur 25) to large adult. The pattern was originally written toe up style but as an extra bonus I added instructions for cuff down as well so you can choose the method you prefer. I really hope that you are as excited as I am, this was one of my first designs and I think those delicate leaves are stunning and along with changes to give perfect fit and a sculptured leg to prevent them from sagging they’re a wonderful addition to any sock drawer. For more information see the Pattern Page.
20160314_2589docksjo design

Personal Knitting

Kaprifol Socks docksjo design

Personal knitting is something of a luxury at the moment since I spend most of my time trying out different design ideas and working on future patterns and all that comes with it. I love it but over the past year I have only made a few things for myself. I started a pair of kaprifol sock in september I think and only just finished them, these are made from my pattern Kaprifol Socks and are my first personal pair. The other 2 pairs are saved and tucked away in case I need to re-shoot them or ever decide to go to a knitting show and need sampels in good condition. Now I finally have a pair just for myself. I knitted them in Filcolana Arwetta Classic, I wouldn’t recommend the yarn it, is splitty for a sock yarn and I did not enjoy knitting with it, but on the other hand it is not the worst sock yarn I have used either.

Kaprifol Socks docksjo design Kaprifol Socks docksjo design Kaprifol Socks docksjo design design

I’m still in love with this design, so simple but with the cable exactly the right place, I can’t wait to wear them wheal working at the preschool, if is always amazing to see the children’s reaction.

If you want to make your self a pair the pattern is to be found it the shop.

Kaprifol Socks

Kaprifol Socks

Kaprifol socks are knitted from the cuff down and have a beautiful cable running organically along the side of the sock and merge at the toe. Kaprifol or Lonicera caprifolium is the flower of the province in Sweden I’m from. It climbs high in spirals and sprouts large flowers with a mild scent of summer.

Yarn: (320/360)meters of fingering weight sock yarn (400 meters/100 grams). The samples are made in yarn hand dyed by me. The yarn base is 75% wool, 25% polyamid.
Gauge: 27 stitches/10 cm and 36 rows/10 cm in stockinet stitch 

Price 45sek (about 5usd)  knapp buy now  knapp ravelry

Kaprifol Socks

I have finally managed to create the coordinating sock pattern to Kaprifol Mitts, the have an organically flowing cable along each side of the sock that merge in the toe, there was a lot of knitting and ripping back in the design process before everything got exactly as I had planned. Now that it is finished I really, really like looking at them and since it is the most recent, It is my favourite, if you ask me in 6 months I’ll probably have a new favourite but for the moment those orange/red socks made in my own hand dyed yarn and kaprifol sock pattern. I love them and they might just be my favourite project ever. One of my friends said that my style was simple with a small but spectacular detail and these sock definitely falls under that if I may say so myself. I have always thought that my signature style was colour work related, like in my vide pattern series, but after this summer with all the cabling I had made and with the last cabled hat pattern I think I’ll have to redefine what I think my knitting style is. Colour work still is my favourite kind of knitting but the structure and the fabric created with cables is so different and interesting. I’m planning and swathing for another pattern with cable and garter stitch, but it is still in very early stages and will probably take some time before you see it.


This is a behind the scenes photo of the photoshoot for the pattern and for some coming ads, I didn’t have access to three models so I took three of our kitchen chairs, all my camera equipment and cable remote controller and photographed my self in all the three positions. Afterwards I edited them together to make it look like I had three models and a photographer. I love photoshop.


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I did say the I caught the sock bug, here and my newly made bed socks. My old and very loved bed socks got a hole, I woke in the middle of the night possibly caused by a hole at the right toe and when I sat down to mend them I realized the whole sole was thread worn and beyond mending. Despite that I did mend the entire sole of both of them because I do really like them. The next day I however realized that I needed new and went through my stash. I didn’t have enough yarn for my usual pattern that require 150 grams so I made a shorter in stockinet instead I really like these, they’re quick, cute and easy to make, and only require about 100 grams of worsted weight

Sockor_20150618_0123 Sockor_20150618_0119 And then one late saturday evening I thought why not make on other pair, a more colourful version. So I made another pair in some nice scraps I had and home, and oh how I love my new colourwork socks. Colourwork makes me happy in all aspect it’s bright and the most wonderful thing to knit. I love seeing the pattern grow, even if is just a small detail as in this case it brightens everything and makes the world a little happier. So here comes a little bit of bright happiness.

Sockor_20150618_0082 copy

What is your favorite kind of knitting?

Anyone else that’s crazy about colourwork?

No?  Just me then.

Sockor_20150618_0082 Sockor_20150618_0083

The yarn is Filcolana Peruvian Highland Wool and I used about 200 meters and the pattern is completely my own and wonderfully simple. And even though there new and it is summer I have gotten a fair bit of use out of them, the heat hasn’t really got here yet and do much prefer this cooler summer so that I can wear my new sock and colourful cardigans, and it’s wonderful.

This pattern isn’t released yet but you can find all my other knitting patterns here if you are interested.


I have realized once again that I really do not like knitting socks. I love having hand knitted socks, but to make them, not so much.


These are made of Zauberball that I bought online a few years ago for a beautiful pattern but when I was about to cast on I realized that it was a different Zauberball, half as thick. I was quite irritated at my purchase and threw it in my stash. Two year or so later a pair of socks has appeared and I like them. Beautiful watermelon colour socks in Snow Daze pattern, knitted on 2.5 mm needles.