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Norwegian knitting designers

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Responding to Charity’s comment on hat fever This is so beautiful! Any tips for finding/navigating the Norwegian indie market? I see some beautiful knits on Instagram, but I don’t know how to find the patterns.” 

I’m not an expert on the area having only discovered the community about 6 months ago, but this is what I have found.


A lot of the discussion is going on on instagram, this is where new patterns are presented and discussed. Some of my favorite designers accounts are.

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Pattern companies

  • Paelas – This is my absolute favorite for kids wear. (Norwegian and English after some time)
  • Pickles – A lot of simple designs for women, men and kids, easy to knit but still modern and fun. (Norwegian and English)
  • Ministrikk – Baby and kids wear. (Norwegian and English)
  • Pinneguru –  Colour work
  • Tiddelibom– Baby wear
  • Marianne J. Bjerkman/knitsandpieces –  A new designer mostly kids wear.
  • Surrehue –  Kids wear
  • Malsen og mor
  • Sandnes garn –  One of the big yarn companies, with wonderful patterns and only sold in print, in yarn stores carrying their yarn.
  • Dale garn –  I have never knitted with their yarn nor used any or their patterns so I have no idea how they are, only sold in print, in yarn stores carrying their yarn.
  • Drops garnstudio –  I don’t like drops, many of the yarns have a lower quality and the designs are cryptic and include a lot of mistakes in them although they are free and if you follow the norwegian instructions there aren’t as many mistakes in them as in the translated instructions.


There are endless of beautiful Norwegian and Danish knitting books especially for baby and toddler wear, these are books that I like.

Just because I’m Swedish lets throw in the Swedish designers as well

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