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Plantain t-shirts

When my favorite designer released this fabulous t-shirt for free I rushed to buy some fabric (or I thought I did) as it happens the online purchase never went through and I have been waiting and worrying about why it hadn’t arrived yet. As I was looking for all the purchase information so that I could ask the company why they hadn’t sent my package yet, only to realize that there was no purchase at all. After this I searched in my special storage for a special fabric and found some that was suitable. These are the first 2 of many more to come, the pattern is beautifully done and easy to follow. It has a few sleeve options and nice elbow paths if you like that.

First up, a thicker wintery sweater suitable for a snowy day like this (we got about 30 cm outside our window, love it) made in a cotton french teary, it is sturdy and excellent for this T. It feels great to wear and looks more professional because of its sturdiness.

Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt  Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt

And last, Merino double knit with a little elastane to make it rebound well. The fabric has a bird eye pattern with rose red and white even if the photos don’t show it very well. I have been saving this for some time until I found the perfect sweater pattern.

Plantain t-shirt

Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt Plantain t-shirt

Details: I lengthened the sleeves about 5cm and sewed the sleeves with only 3/8″ seam allowance instead of 5/8″ and left out the elbow paths, otherwise I followed the pattern precisely.


This lithe sweater is knitted in Debbie Bliss baby cash merino, I used 164 gram 411 meters for the 2 year size, The Pattern is Livingston by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne.



I had some trouble editing these pictures, how do you make lovely farm saturated yellow look like watch it is?

Livingston    Livingston Livingston

I think this one above is my favorite, but it is a little dusty.



This sweet little cardigan is a new design of mine and I am looking for tester, if you want to be one please read this.



This Little cardigan has been in my thoughts for a long time and I am very happy to have a finnish pattern, it just needs to  be tested. The inspiration comes from this hat made by Kate Gagnon Osborn.

The yarn I used it drops baby alpaca silk and the buttons are porcelain ones from Tummelisa.

Lost knitting

Yesterday I lost my knitting and it was horrible, I went everywhere and could not found it. Later in the evening I found it again in the restroom in school. The worst thing about losing it wasn’t really the loss but that some one had taken my knitting my beautiful little almost complete baby cardigan of my own design. Only a knitter would have taken that and I believed that another knitter wold understand how much work it was behind that and turn it in. I almost stopped believing in you yesterday. But then on my second round to everywhere i had been during the day I found it sitting on top of the paper towels and I was relieved.


This is the beautiful little cardigan named Whales, I need a test knitter, would you like to be one please email me on docksjo(a)gmail.com

Before I realized that my knitting was missing I bought this lovely fabric for a summers dress and a bargain (89 sek/ meter). The content is 50% linen and 50% cotton.