Velvet Washi

Velvet Washi dress

This is my third Washi dress, this years holiday dress in festive deep blue velvet. I wanted short poofy sleeves, and therefore I added some extra , the result was an extreme 80’s sleeve, not quite the way I intended, so I disassembled it and went for the original sleeves instead, that resulted in just the about of poofines that I wanted. This is what happens when you don’t make a muslin before trying something new, luckily the fabric made it through just fine. The only modification is like the last one a 2 cm lengthening of the bodice above the bust dart and a shorter sleeve. I did not line it and used a piece of the flowery fabric from the last one for the elastic casing, and a piece of blue linen from our new curtain for the underside of the collar.

I used about 2.3 m of 110 cm wide 100% cotton velvet, the Washi dress pattern and the Washi expansion pack (variation B sleeves and version C collar). 

Velvet Washi dress

Velvet Washi dress Velvet Washi dress Velvet Washi dress Velvet Washi dress Velvet Washi dress Velvet Washi dress Velvet Washi dress  Velvet Washi dress

It is so comfy and beautiful that I want to wear it everyday, but sense velvet is a bit delicate I’m saving it for festive occasions and bad days, that is nothing that fixes a bad day as a dress like this.


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4 thoughts on “Velvet Washi

    1. docksjo Post author

      Thank you, I love velvet, Gertie recently wrote a post about how tricky Velvet is to work with but I don’t agree, I have made several things with this cotton Velvet Washed and Ironed (not the back side) and it just stunning and not at all that difficult. Go for it.


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