Wee Liesl Beret

Wee  Liesl beret

The leftovers from the tiny cardigan became this cute matching beret. The pattern is Wee Liesl Beret by Ysolda Teague and the yarn Pickles pure alpaca, a wonderful combination. I think this is my favourite colour at the moment it’s perfect, the more I look at it the better it is.  I have a hope that the beret and cardigan will fit some future child at the same time, I love matching hand knit baby outfits. 

This project used up every last bit of the yarn, I think I only had half a meter left, with is perfect.

Wee  Liesl beret

I really don’t like leftovers from my project, what are you supposed to do with them? It feels completely wrong to throw them away, but not doing so have given me a stash the size of a small mountain consisting of started balls of yarn, with not enough left to make something substantial of it.

So what do you do with your half used skeins?


How is it possible to have this much yarn and still never have yarn. I do occasionally use this yarn for small projects as mitts and cuffs but the incoming from other bigger projects in the form of leftovers are much larger. We have a dresser it the hallway that contains our (or most of my) sweaters, some other stuff like shopping bags and my yarn. The problem is that the leftover yarn occupy 3 drawers, sweater overflowing 1 and stuff 1, the sweaters need at least 2, but yarn that is unlikely to be used but might be is occupying the space and if I want to buy yarn for a new next project there is nowhere to put it. I think the ideal situation would be 2 yarn drawers (1 for planned projects and 1 for leftovers) 2 for sweaters, 1 for stuff, but how do I get there in I good way?

How do you manage you stash and what does it consist of?

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6 thoughts on “Wee Liesl Beret

  1. joelle

    my stash is not very big (i’m a fairly new knitter… it’s rapidly growing though!!) but i’m already starting to ask myself what to do with leftover yarn… if you have enough of coordinating colors in similar weights, maybe a blanket? a friend of mine just made an Amazing sweater of left over yarn, the Reis by Stphen West http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/reis
    not for everyone, but Beautiful anyways. otherwise, knit all the baby things!!

    1. docksjo Post author

      That is the problem isn’t it they don’t naturally coordinate (at least for me) in large enough quantities and if you are going to make a huge project like a blanket and complete it you’d better love it. It’s a issue I will have to solve sometime soon.

  2. H

    Det finns ju en massa snälla människor som stickar till välgörenhet så om du har funderingar på att slänga garnet (gör inte det!) så kan du ju ge bort det till något sånt. Annars är väl strumpor, babykläder, mössor osv perfekta projekt att använda rester till? Eller randiga kläder överhuvudtaget. Jag köper nästan aldrig garn till ett specifikt plagg utan köper på rea, när jag ser nåt jag gillar, får i present osv. Då blir det kanske inte lika mycket rester. Å andra sidan får jag aldrig till något enfärgat haha.

    1. docksjo Post author

      Tack för tippset, jag köper bara garn till specifika projekt för att inte ansamla garn utan syfte, perfektionisten i mig har lite svårt att bland om det in är en bra matchning vilket tyvärr sällan är fallet bland mina garnet. Jag gör en del baby kläder med de kräver fortfarande ganska stora mängder för ingen behöver 20 halv fina tröjor i storlek nyfödd. men det får bli en genom gång till för att leta kombinationer.

  3. Anna Öberg

    If I have leftovers in colours I think look good together I sometimes knit shawls that I donate to my local Red Cross charity shop. Usually just mindless garter stitch which I can do while watching TV or even while reading.

    If you really don’t see how you are going to use your leftover yarn I suggest giving it away: schools and daycare are usually happy recipients since they have very limited budgets for materials.



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