Inspired by Viffla I’m going to tell you about my favorite yarns.

I live in a mostly cold and rainy city, in the winter it’s often clouded with mist since it’s so close to the sea. I actually live on an island even tho it dos’n seem like it, to get to the main land we only have to cross one of the 3 bridges or take a ferry over the river.

bridge river älven bro

Therefore I prefer to knit with warm yarn. You can never have too many warm sweaters. I have fairly sensitive skin and do not like scratchy wool, this goes in contrast to my favorite needle size 3.0 mm(US 2 1/2)

Blue Sky Alpacas Melange

Blue Sky Alpacas Melange, I have only used this once because I have to order it online from the UK and the postage it fairly high, but I love this yarn and i’m going to make a cosy pullover in it soon. It it soft for alpaca and drapy but not to much.


Abuelita Yarns Merino Worsted is very similar to malabrigo worsted but doesn’t pill much. I have used it in this cardigan my Kerrea.  I use it a lot and it’s still as nice as when it was new. It is a merino single and I cannot understand way it holds up so well but it does.

Malie jitterbugg

Colinette Jitterbug the colourway elephants daydream. This is a thick fingering 100% merino “sock yarn”  I would perhaps not make socks out of it but baby clothes to parents that want machine washable . I don’t really like superwash, I don’t think it’s healthy, but it is practical and this yarn is amazing to work with. It bounces back like nothing else.

Visjö garn

Östergötlands Ullspinneri Visjögarn I’m currently working on my second cardigan in this and the color and the white is very soft and nice but the grays are scratchy. It feels a bit like working with cotton since it doesn’t bounce but the texture is nice and I love the fabric.

Peter virkar

Du Store Alpakka Misti Peter made me a beanie in this last winter and it wonderful to wear.

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