2016 Calendar

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I made a calendar this morning. I wanted a calendar to cross off my daily 15 minutes and thought that you might be interested as well. It is a plain calendar with week numbers and the dates to help you keep track for something or maybe just the week numbers. I use mine for exercise which is a bit of a challenge for me and I hope that this will help me a little, but you can use it for anything. It is in Swedish if you are wondering why I spelled January wrong, etc.

Download Calendar 2016

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One thought on “2016 Calendar

  1. RLT

    This elegant calendar was very helpful to me last year. It was great for various tasks and goals so I used several, including checking off my physical therapy exercises.

    I was wondering if you’ll be making another one for 2017 ?

    BTW, I found your site because of your lovely knitting and sewing.


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