50’s inspired birthday party

Inbjuning 50-tals fest blur

As both of us turned 25 a few weeks ago and wanted a  celebration of some sort preferably with a fun theme, my sister in law had the brilliant idea to make it in 50’s style, and so we did. I was and wonderful day yesterday with the first one arriving at 12 and the last one leaving at midnight. We where in my mothers house since we live 3 stairs up without a lift and some of the guests have trouble walking. I made 3 long paper pentanes that covered the siting-room and terrace with festive pastel colours and 2 tissue paper pompoms (did not manage to get them round and fluffy) in pearl pink and raspberry red. We had lots of home made ice-cream, cherries, strawberries and pizza for everyone and ended up playing a Gothenburg quiz that we got.

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The oldest was my grandmother 81 and the youngest my cousins son 7 weeks. Thank you for making this day special for us.

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  •  The beast vanilla Ice-cream Frozen custard by Posie get cosy
  • My Very Berry usually blueberry – frozen berries without seeds usually 500g blueberries 100g heavy cream and sugar to taste, mix everything together in a food processor and serve directly or into the ice cream machine and then the freezer. This has a very strong berry taste and is perfect as a disart to nice dinners or whenever you want something that only takes about 10 minutes to do. Currants and strawberries works, even if the strawberries need to be defrosted a bit before and then frozen agin in the machine.
  • Dark chocolate
  • Lingonberry

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