Banksia by Megan Nielsen I made it in a wonderful cottonfron my local fabric store it’s the same fabric as I used for my Robe Réglisse and I will surly use it agin.

Banksia Banksia Banksia Banksia Banksia

I love this pattern on other people, I had some major fitting issues and it was not one of my most patient days so after 3 muslins I gave up and just made it. There is something weird with the sleeves, the cap is not shaped as sleeves usually are and the neck also had some thing going on, the collar didn’t fit properly to the neckline.  I still love the style it is just the problem that I can’t wear it. I still like this kind of collar and will in the future use an other more fitted pattern and just add a similar collar and placket.

Banksia Parade:

 Thread   |   love this print and she’s so talented. 

May be made   |   Those sleeves and buttons

Novita Estiti   |   Contrasting buttons 

Make something   |   Patterning 

four square walls   |   Dress version 

a fashionable stitch   |   In red

Paunnet   |   Lace + Dress

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