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Preparing for colder times, even if it currently is very warm here. I have started to prepare for fall by knitting. This far I have completed one pair of mittens, I lost my good biking mittens half way through the winter last year and never got around to making new ones as the bike needed repair as well. But now that I’m biking everywhere again new mittens will be necessary.

They are made in Du Store Alpakka, Tynn Alpakka and the pattern is my own, made up as I go. As I usually do, I used two different shades of gray held together which makes it look more natural gray instead of dyed gray which it is.  I used 3mm needles, 48 stitches for the main hand width and 100 gram is enough for one pair.

140824_3624 140824_3621

The Pattern

* cast on 44 st
* knit a nice and long 1/1 ribbing
* increase 4 st one every 11 st total 48 st
* stockinette for 20 rows
* add thumb over 10 st
* stockinette for 24 rows decrease for top (at sides, k2tog, knit until 2 st before other side ssk,k2tog, knit until 2 st before other side ssk)
* Then again after 4, 3, 3, 3, 2,2,2,2 then every row.

140824_3619 140824_3618

It’s been quite some time since I finished and wrote this post but somehow photos have taken a long time to get, since the weather is no longer that brilliant that is was and the use don’t feel that distant anymore even if I hopefully won’t need that for another month. However I really like this type of mittens and according to ravelry this is my 11:th pair, most of them live with friends and relatives. That said it is the perfect mittens for our climate most of the winter and they’re really quick so, make some for your self won’t you?

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10 thoughts on “Biking mittens

  1. Nicole

    I love the gray color you got from using two shades. Really lovely! Also, I can’t believe you made this pattern up yourself! Super talented!

    1. docksjo Post author

      Thank you, there really not as hard to think up as you might think, and two shades held together is a wonderful little trick to make cheeper yarn look more expensive, not that Du Store Alpakka is inexpensive. 🙂

  2. joelle

    i LOVE the first photo!! i really should follow your example and knit some cold-weather things…. i just can’t stop knitting cardis 😉 och ja! jag skulle jättegärna fika med dig nästa gång du är i malmö!!

    1. docksjo Post author

      Thank you, I know exactly what you mean with that This year I have knit several sweaters but only one project that wasn’t a sweater, these par of mittens, and all the plans for my accumulated yarn are sweater, this the bets kind of knitting and you get a new cardigan in the end as a big +.
      I do need a new hat but is fortunately married to a hat crocheter, and he is slowly making me one the softest kashmir, baby alpaca yarn.

      Jag hör av mig så snart vi har en resa bokad och hoppas att du kan samma helg.

    1. docksjo Post author

      Tack så mycket, Peter undrade varför jag använde den bilden av alla bilder, men jag tycker också om det så så blev det. Och vantarna kommer bli jätte bra nu när jag börjat cykla sent på kvällarna igen.

  3. karin

    Och ett par av dem du gjort innan har ju jag 🙂 De är fantastiskt fina fortfarande och helt klart de bästa cykelvantarna just som du sa!
    Tack igen, de håller lätt en säsong till!
    Klänningen är förresten underbar! Haft den hela dagen. Vill du blogga den? Ska jag be Olle fota?


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