Cat hat

docksjo design Cat hat

For Sweden halloween is quite a big thing in our area, it nothing to other parts of the world as we don’t celebrate halloween in Sweden, but living in a very international area most of the children tend to dress up a little for the day and I didn’t want the kiddo to be the only one with out a costume but at the same time din’t want to buy or make something for a single days use. I eventually decided on a cat hat as her favorite animal is cat (or maybe birds) and I wanted it to be a proper warmish hat so she could use it as a regular hat fall and spring. I ended up drafting a bonnet style hat with ears and sewed it up in organic non super wash merino a lightly felted looped terry, and organic cotton jersey for the inside of the ears. I ruched to finish in time and she decided that is was the most horrible thing she ever seen and refused to wear it. Now a few month later is has become her favorite and often refuse other hat and asks for her cat hat, looks in the mirror an says “njaow”

docksjo design Cat hat


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