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Back to reality

I’m briefly back to reality after a lot of studying, school has been hectic, mildly speaking. We currently have easter break for 5 days. I sneaked in some sewing yesterday and managed to make 2 tolies of Deer and Doe’s Chataigne Shorts. I had to make some major changes due to the fact that they don’t come in my size but I think the fit is pretty good now so there will be a new pair (or more) of trousers soon.

Chataigne shorts

You might remember my Bow-Tied Blouse in red that I made for the Mad Men challenge and that was supposed to be a white one well hear it is, in organic cotton interlock from tygpyssling, When the fabric arrived on a really bad and stressful day and she had put in some extras for me and the fabric was fabulous, it was the best thing that could have happened.

Bow-tied blouse

We were just about to walk out the door to take some nice pictures when Peter asked if the camera worked, as it turned out both our DSLR cameras where out of battery, so this is a sneak preview phone photo, just so you know that I’m still here. 

If you didn’t know The Spring Top Sew-along hosted by Made by Rea is currently going on, if you want some blouse inspiration look at the #springtopsewalong tag on Instagram or the flickr group. She has some blousey giveaways on her blog too if you are interested in that.

May is coming closer and with it Me Made May, this will be my first time participation and I’m really excited about it. My goal is to wear me made garments with exception for my rain coat, socks and undies, hopefully I have made 2 more bras by then so I can wear my own very comfortable bras exclusively. Me Made May is not necessarily about only wearing hand made it is about challenging yourself to actually use what you make, so if you are feeling hesitant about joining you can set your personal goal to wear something you made 2/week or 1 item every day, it’s up to you. You can find all information about Me Made May here. 

I am currently planing to make a lot of things ,drawing sketches on the buss on my way home form school or in the lunch break. The little top you see in the picture at the start of this post is one that I have fallen in love with in the idea stage and hopefully it will become an equally beautiful top in reality soon.

What are you thinking and planning?

Bow Tied Blouse

Bow-tied Blouse

Bow-tied Blouse from Gertie’s new book for better sewing, even though the measurements in the pattern was spot on I had to grade out 1 or 2 sizes for the bottom of the blouse in order for it to fit around my hips. I lengthened the pattern about 2 cm and added 2 extra buttons as well as lowered the lowest one a cm or so. Love this pattern. I did make some major changes to it but now it is perfect and fits like a dream. I thought that dressed buttons would give it the posh style that the rest of the blouse has and I was right the dressed buttons transformed the back to the vintage inspired 60’s top that I was going for. I need to make it agin. I used the Essentials 13 mm metal cover buttons. I think that the metal ones stays put better then the plastic ones and I always put a little glue inside so prevent them from fraying after a few washes and wear.

Bow-tied Blouse

The pattern it is based on is Vogue 7347  from 1951. It seems that Bow-tied Blouses has been going in phases over most of the 20:th century, my mom said that I looked like my grandmother in the 80’s and that I should wear it the next time I see my father.

My sewing time has been very limited recently and therefore it will be my project for the mad men challenge. I had originally planned to make a white one as well and a navy pencil-skirt and a lacy longline bra for the challenge and I think that I will still come to that, but it might take some time. I’m currently taking a class in advanced medical chemistry and it is taking a lot of my time in the evenings as well as the lectures during the days. On that subject, the professor had a very flowery shirt to day, it was nice but a bit unexpected, on the other hand he often wears edgy sport style clothes, that’s noticeable and stick out from the rest.

Lace bra

Here it is the bra in progress, it’s been like this since saturday so almost a week now.

Lace bra

I read the Fashion file cover to cover in less the 24 hours a month or two ago, written by the fashion designer in madmen Jaine Bryent, it was very inspiring. I don’t agree with everything (the high heels of one) but the drawing was amazing the the text uplifting and very well written. If you have the opportunity to read it is it well worth the time, I checked it out from our local library.

Fashion file Fashion file

Aren’t her drawings amazing?

I’m thinking about making a nursing top for my pregnant cousin for her birthday, is that appropriate?

I’m not sure and would appreciate your comments on that.

Wardrobe planing

Washi dress Kerrera cardigan outfit

As many other bloggers, I have lately been thinking a lot about how to make my wardrobe more personal, unitary and elegant. I want to feel like every piece of clothing is something that I feel beautiful in and that fits well. Because every day deserves nice and comfortable clothes and I want to be able to pick anything  from my closet and feel just as good about it.

Washi dress Kerrera cardigan outfit

This outfit has been my favorite ever since I made this dress, It is all me made, even the leggings. You can find more about the cardigan here. I love this simple perfect amount of fit, happy but still discreet if pink can be discreet. The collar and the pleats make the dress stylish and the cardigan, is as soft as wool can be, warm and has pockets. Pockets are something that is important to me, I have far to many skirts dresses and cardigans without pockets which means no where to put my keys and keycard.

To reach this goal I have to sorted all of my clothes in to 3 piles:

1  Things I love and wear often, to stay.

2  Things that I love a bit too much and that are perfectly fine but don’t fit properly, these are saved in boxes not too many but a few.

3 Was the biggest pile, things that don’t fit properly; that I never use; don’t like or doesn’t feel right; these went to a second-hand charity shop.

I don’t want anything to take space in my closet that don’t belong there. I also made a colour scheme so that I can more easily coordinate things, so that everything fits together nicely however I mix it.  I decided to make navy and grey my basic colour and all of the others to pop and bring happiness and life to the rest. The only difference from the colour I have at the moment is the greens, I have been wanting some green colour for a long time but have been having trouble finding the right one and I think that this will help me find it. I am planning to print this and laminate it and have a colour card in my wallet so that I can keep it with me all the time and therefore more easily coordinate. It can be very difficult from time to time to see beyond the pretty fabric and imagine the finished piece and whether the colour actually is flattering on me, go well with the rest of my clothes and I think that this will make that easier.


My perfect wardrobe

Basic everyday things:

Dresses. I wear dresses almost every day so they are the main structure as well as leggings and cardigans.

I’d like to have a couple of trousers to wear around the house that are comfortable and that fit underneath rain cover, but not too many.

Tops a few in nice colours, navy, pink and white, a Polka Dot grey with white dots like this one.

It is very important that these do not require ironing to look good, because I do not iron my clothes before school or work everyday.

Festive: Dresses and a few shrugs and shawls in a lot or different colours to fit the dress code on concerts.

I would really like a pink coat but I didn’t really need one since I have a few coats and the one I use the most is the rain coat and when it is really cold my down coat.

What I do need, is running tops and leggings and a couple of slips.

You know that I made my own fashionary a while back and that was when I really started all of this, and I have been sketching a lot to figure out what I like and don’t like, trying to make my style more thought through.

Other blogs writhing about wardrobe planning:

Jennifer Lauren

The wearability project 


Hand made by Carolyn

Lucky Lucille 

By Gum by Golly 

There was at least one more I had in mind but I can’t remember, so if you know a post about this that you like please leave a comment so I can check it out and add it to this post.

I have been instagramming about this a little and will probably continue with the tags #WearableWardrobe  #WardrobeArchitect

Do you have any thoughts about what you create?     I’d love to know.

Dinner party

We invited some friends for lunch a few days ago.

Home Home Home Home Home Home

We got I new objective for christmas and it is just perfect, a 8mm that makes it paosibal to take grate photos indoor. The green room is our living room (my craft room), on the mannequin is the muslin for a mens shirt for my husband, 3d tray and it fits.

Christmas preparations

Christmas curtain

Julgardin julpynt

This is the first Christmas curtain I ever had, but our flowery ordinary curtis simply ruins the Christmas spirit completely. These are made in a heavy Linen Rayon fabric with some structure to it. They have a heavy fall and a beautiful deep blue colour. It is a start panel with three 2″ pleats towards the bottom,

pennants  These are the flowery order nary curtains. 


Julgardin julpynt Julgardin julpynt Julgardin julpynt Julgardin julpynt  Our tiny treeJulgardin julpynt

We even have snow, as you can see trough the window.


Fashonary fashion sketch book

I have made my own fashonary it is a sketch book with templates for fashion drawings and very helpful for planing new designs and feature projects. I have sewing it with klippans lingarn (linen embroidery floss) in a beautiful turquoise color that coordinate well the the cover. I love hand sewn books.

Fashonary fashion sketch book Fashonary fashion sketch book Fashonary fashion sketch book Fashonary fashion sketch book