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First week of Me Made May

May 1st

Mmmay15 nancy zinia

Me mades: Nancy, Zinnia, Peplum blouse, leggings.

May 2nd

Me mades: Leggings

May 3d

Perlemorsgenser mother of pearl

Me mades: Kerrera, Spring graden tee, Zinnia, Perlemorsgenser

May 4th

Me mades: Leggings, T-shirt, Kerrera

May 5th

Me mades: SorbettoKerrera

May 6th

City girl mmmay15

Me mades: Coppelia, City girl, Leggings, this photo was taken about 21:15 and it was still light summer is definitely coming even if it’s cold.

May 7d

Me mades: City Girl, Leggings

Me Made May

It’s the first of may and high time for this years me made may resolution. Last year my resolution where to exclusively wear me made with exception for socks, and my rain coat. I manage but it was stressful and I really don’t need more stress in my life at the moment so this year me resolution it to fix some of the holes I got in my handmade wardrobe. To make at least one pair of long trousers and a spring coat.

Most people wear one hand made item a day and I will be doing that as well but documenting my cloths every day might not happen, in fact I don’t thick I have enough ready mades to dress me from to toe more then one day any way so this wont require much brain power for me.

Me made may Belcarra blouse and Pencil-skirt
The hachtag used for this years me made may is #mmmay15 if you want to participate, most of the action is going on over at instagram and the sin up and rules are to be found on So Zo. Me made may is a challenge to use and learn to love your handmade cloths to put them in to your routine.

Back to the coat and trousers, I am planing to make navy twill trousers in the soft and beautiful twill my mom got for me from Sew Over it and have used for my tap shorts. I’m planing to making my own pattern using the cigarette trousers in Gertie sews vintage casual as a base. I will be lovering the rise to a medium rise and add pockets and a front fly. For the coat I will use Minoru by Sewaholic and make it in either pink or mint twill.

Are you participation?
What’s your resolution?

Me made may 26-31

May 26

Me made may

Hawthorn, Cayley, leggings.

May 27

Me made may

Cayley, Self-drafted, Leggings.

Me made may

Cayley, Washi, Leggings.

May 28

Me made may

Night gown, this is my goto when it’s not in the wash, the same pattern as the striped dress above but without tied in the back. Cayley,  leggings.

Me made may

Banksia, + readymade running tights.

May 29

Me made may

Belcarra and Chataigne.

May 30 my 25th birthday

Me made may

Self drafted dress and leggings for my birthday. It’s the same dress I wore last yeas but still beautiful.

Me made may

May 31

Me made may

Hawthorn, leggings.

Me Made May 12-17

May 12


Kimono Sleeve dress, leggings and bra all me made.


Blouse, leggings, me made and a remake skirt form a dress. The head band in the bow from my Bow tied blouse it it the perfect length.

May 13


Lady skater dress with Chickadee and leggings.

May 14


The head band is form my bow tied blouse agin and a blue self drafted dress with my chickadee and organic leggings.


May 15


My flowery washi dress with my chickadee and organic leggings.

May 16


Hawthorn with cayley and leggings. A lot of buttons there I count 20.

May 17


Belcarra blouse and chataigne shorts and a mashing head band.This photo was taken at 21:30 and night, it was a little dark but still possible to shoot in, with means that summer in coming.

Me Made May 5-11

 May 5

Me made may

Crepe dress with Cayley cardigan and organic self drafted leggings + a fairly old scarf and original 80’s ray ban glasses.

May 6

Me made may

Studying Mania day in Merino Leggings and merino Plantain. and a lot of trying of this half finished pencil skirt later in the evening.

May 7

Me made may

Hawthorn, it was cold so I also wore my Featherweight Cardigan and Cayley Cardigan all at the same time  with nylon stockings.

May 8

Me made may

Teachers dress and remade stockings on an other study day at home.

May 9

Me made may

Presentation day in school, Cambie and my Featherweight and Cayley on top agin it was a win combination.

May 10

Me made may Belcarra blouse and Pencil-skirt

Having a study free day and spending it sewing I finished the skirt in the morning and the Blouse a few hours later. These are Belcarra blouse by Sewaholic and the Pencil-skirt from Gertie’s new book for better sewing, more information on these tomorrow. 

May 11

Me made may

My sailor dress, Robe Reglisse by Deer and Doe and my  Featherweight. I have been on a sewing workshop most of the day and wanted some that allowed me to easily try on trousers, since I would be fitting a pair. It was a nice workshop at Frilagret hosed by a talented local tailor, it is part of a workshop series which include the planning, execution, professional fashion photographing and an exhibition of one outfit/person. It has been wonderful to have expert help and especially when fitting trousers that is new on me and rather difficult to fit on your self. The best is that it is all for free, a cultural project for young adults (about 16-30) to get creative.

Me Made May 2-4

Me Made May 2:nd

Me made may

One of my summer tank dresses, with a tied back, you can see it in this post I have 3 of these an they are really comfortable in warm wether and really simple to make, the pattern is self drafted. Navy organic cotton leggings and my Cayley cardigan.

 Me Made May 3:nd

me made may washi dress

My flowery washi dress with navy organic cotton leggings and later the same blue cardigan as on May 2nd.

Me Made May 4:nd

Me made may shorts bow-tied blouse

My knit Bow-tied blouse with a pair of new Chataigne shorts from Deer and Doe sewn this week for selfish sewing week and to start indie sewing pattern month I made these on may first.

Me Made May

May 1

MMM 14 Kimono Sleeve Dress MMM 14 Kimono Sleeve Dress

Kimono sleeve dress and organic cotton leggings, I have made quite a few leggings but they hardly ever make it to the blog. I am also wearing my hand made bra, still only have one but it is starting well. This dress has grow on me, I like it more and more, the fabric isn’t the best but I think of making a new in something better soon, this such quick and easy sew.

It has been a cold but sunny day today and spend most of it on the balcony re potting some seedlings.

Det kommer nytt

De här är ett nytt stick projekt som jag på började igår, de enda problemet är bara att jag tror att de blå garnet kommer ta slut för tidigt 🙁 så det får bli att byta till ett annat färg bad vid en rand ganska tidigt på nummer två så det räcker till tummarna också. I övrigt som är jag riktigt nöjd med mönstret.

De här är hyllor na som jag målade på igår och förbättrade lite på nu på morgonen, så för hoppningsvis får vi borrat i betong väggen i köket i eftermiddag.