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Kaprifol Socks

Kaprifol Socks

Kaprifol socks are knitted from the cuff down and have a beautiful cable running organically along the side of the sock and merge at the toe. Kaprifol or Lonicera caprifolium is the flower of the province in Sweden I’m from. It climbs high in spirals and sprouts large flowers with a mild scent of summer.

Yarn: (320/360)meters of fingering weight sock yarn (400 meters/100 grams). The samples are made in yarn hand dyed by me. The yarn base is 75% wool, 25% polyamid.
Gauge: 27 stitches/10 cm and 36 rows/10 cm in stockinet stitch 

Price 45sek (about 5usd)  knapp buy now  knapp ravelry

Kaprifol Socks

I have finally managed to create the coordinating sock pattern to Kaprifol Mitts, the have an organically flowing cable along each side of the sock that merge in the toe, there was a lot of knitting and ripping back in the design process before everything got exactly as I had planned. Now that it is finished I really, really like looking at them and since it is the most recent, It is my favourite, if you ask me in 6 months I’ll probably have a new favourite but for the moment those orange/red socks made in my own hand dyed yarn and kaprifol sock pattern. I love them and they might just be my favourite project ever. One of my friends said that my style was simple with a small but spectacular detail and these sock definitely falls under that if I may say so myself. I have always thought that my signature style was colour work related, like in my vide pattern series, but after this summer with all the cabling I had made and with the last cabled hat pattern I think I’ll have to redefine what I think my knitting style is. Colour work still is my favourite kind of knitting but the structure and the fabric created with cables is so different and interesting. I’m planning and swathing for another pattern with cable and garter stitch, but it is still in very early stages and will probably take some time before you see it.


This is a behind the scenes photo of the photoshoot for the pattern and for some coming ads, I didn’t have access to three models so I took three of our kitchen chairs, all my camera equipment and cable remote controller and photographed my self in all the three positions. Afterwards I edited them together to make it look like I had three models and a photographer. I love photoshop.


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Timjan Hat Patterns


I have a new pattern or actually two new patterns. And this is the reason for the slight neglection of the blog lately, I have been working on a few new designs and converting my business from a side/hobby to a company so I can start to work on it more and release more new and exciting things and hopefully make this my living.


Back to the hat, it is a cabled and textured hat that is quite easy to make for the experienced knitter,  it has an intermediate level but a really determined beginner could most likely make it as well. The texture is what makes this hat special. It adds elegance without making it girly and can be worn by anybody. The two different versions are an earflap hat for children with a size range from newborn up to 55cm and a beanie style with a size-range of 41 – 69 cm. The beanie pattern comes with a modification guide so that you can make a slouch hat if you prefer that.

Timjan Shematics

You can buy one of the patterns for 45 sek or both for 55 sek just add both to your cart and the price will automatically go down to 55 sek. knapp buy now

Yarn: 65-200 meters of lofty worsted weight yarn (200 meters/100 grams).
The white sample is made in Rauma Puno (110 meters/50 grams, 68% Alpaca 22% Nylon 10% Merino), the mint in Sandnes soft alpakka (100 meters/50 grams, 80% Alpaca 20% Acrylic), the blue in Artesano Aran (132 meters/100 grams, 50% Wool 50% Alpaca) and the purple is made in two strands of Tant Kofta’s Angorett (730 meters/100 grams, 70% Merino 25% Angora 5% Polyamide). The different yarns give very different fabrics, Soft alpaca, Puno and Angorett gives a light and lofty fabric while Artesano Aran gives a dense and heavier fabric.

Gauge: 19 stitches/10 cm in cable pattern 2 repeats (16 stitches) are 8.5 cm wide and 25 rows/10 cm, 4 cm/repeat.

Needles: 4.5 mm or size that gives you the gauge called for on washed fabric. A 40 cm circular needle and double pointed needles or a longer circular needle if you prefer magic loop. When you swath you need to do so in the round if order for it to be accurate.

150527_7154  docksjo-design_20150610_0038

My favorite part of the design is the star that is created in the crown decreases, isn’t it beautiful.


I have made 6 hats this far and have a photo shoot with some kids coming up and need to make a few more or as many as I can manage before that so we can have some fun and the kids can choose a colour that they like and be happy and cooperating I hope, wish me luck.

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Happy Christmas

Braided cuffs

Before I go of to our Christmas celebration to day I wanted to give you all something small. A new pattern Braided cuffs, within the pattern there is instructions for how to make wrist cuffs, boot cuffs, a headband and legwarmers. You can use allot of different yarn types and weight and easily modify the pattern so that it will work for your yarn.

This pair is made in BC garn Angora fino (250 meters/50gram)  but almost any light DK yarn will work without changes to the pattern. Really hope that you like it.

You can download the pattern from ravalry here.

Merry Christmas (Now that Christmas is over the pattern is 25sek)

Braided cuffs Braided cuffs Braided cuffs

Biking mittens


Preparing for colder times, even if it currently is very warm here. I have started to prepare for fall by knitting. This far I have completed one pair of mittens, I lost my good biking mittens half way through the winter last year and never got around to making new ones as the bike needed repair as well. But now that I’m biking everywhere again new mittens will be necessary.

They are made in Du Store Alpakka, Tynn Alpakka and the pattern is my own, made up as I go. As I usually do, I used two different shades of gray held together which makes it look more natural gray instead of dyed gray which it is.  I used 3mm needles, 48 stitches for the main hand width and 100 gram is enough for one pair.

140824_3624 140824_3621

The Pattern

* cast on 44 st
* knit a nice and long 1/1 ribbing
* increase 4 st one every 11 st total 48 st
* stockinette for 20 rows
* add thumb over 10 st
* stockinette for 24 rows decrease for top (at sides, k2tog, knit until 2 st before other side ssk,k2tog, knit until 2 st before other side ssk)
* Then again after 4, 3, 3, 3, 2,2,2,2 then every row.

140824_3619 140824_3618

It’s been quite some time since I finished and wrote this post but somehow photos have taken a long time to get, since the weather is no longer that brilliant that is was and the use don’t feel that distant anymore even if I hopefully won’t need that for another month. However I really like this type of mittens and according to ravelry this is my 11:th pair, most of them live with friends and relatives. That said it is the perfect mittens for our climate most of the winter and they’re really quick so, make some for your self won’t you?


This sweet little cardigan is a new design of mine and I am looking for tester, if you want to be one please read this.



This Little cardigan has been in my thoughts for a long time and I am very happy to have a finnish pattern, it just needs to  be tested. The inspiration comes from this hat made by Kate Gagnon Osborn.

The yarn I used it drops baby alpaca silk and the buttons are porcelain ones from Tummelisa.


I have been wearing this lovely bow almost every day since I made it last week. 

Bow sedstitch

Seed-stitch bow

3.0mm needles

DK weight yarn

Cast on 40 st, place marker,  join in the round.

Row 1: knit 1, purl 1, until marker.

Row 2: purl 1, knit 1, until marker.

Repeat the last 2 rows 8 more times , bind off in pattern, do not cut the yarn, but pull the ball through the last loop.

Fold the tube in the middle with the yarn in the middle. Make the middle by circling around secure on the backside and sew a safety pin or a barrette to the backside.

Simple crochet flowers and leaves


This lovely flower  band is made for our wedding decoration and I use Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK. I have been eyeing thes balls every time I visited my LYS tummelisa, because the colors are wonderful, but I didn’t want to knit with this yarn again (It is horrible to knit with) but crochet, that is some thing else and it works just fine.


I use a size G (4.0 mm) hook and DK yarn but you can use any yarn with an appropriate hook size.

British crochet terms. Svenska

×  double crochet (dc), fastmaska

Virkad blomma

⊬  tripple crochet (tr), stolpe

⦁    slip crochet/ singel crochet (ss), smygmaska

○   chain (ch), lösmaska


make a slip knot, ch 2, dc 10 in to the second ch st, ss in the first,

ch6, ss into the second st, repeat 5 more times.

dc 6 around the chain, ss into the ring, repeat 5 more times.

Virkat blad


make a slip knot, ch 10, 3tr into the 5:th stitch, tr 3, dc, ss, turn, ss, dc, 3 tr, 3 tr in the next st, ss in the first tr, make a chain for the stalk.