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Saffran Cardigan | More Sizes

Saffran Cardigan docksjo design

I’m thrilled by the response that Saffran Cardigan has had and my heart skip a beat every time I see another beautiful Cardigan on Instagram. Many of you asked for more sizes and I have now with help from amazing testers managed to expand the size range to 16 sizes, spanning from newborn to early teens. I knitted up one in yellow as a late christmas gift for my little friend. I chose yellow again as matching his favourite Spot was my best chance to have him like it.

Saffran Cardigan docksjo design

It is knitted in Sandnes Alpakka Ull just as the others (I’m not sponsored, just really like that yarn). The bigger sizes have a few details that are a little different to the smaller sizes to make the proportions and the appearance of the sweater similar despite the size difference. I’m partial, but I love them, easy and fun to knit and just amazing to look at.

Saffran Cardigan docksjo design Saffran Cardigan docksjo design

If you already bought the pattern you should have access to the larger sizes as well by now, there was a bit of a technical issue at first but I think that it is solved.

Alpakka leggings

paelas thigths leggings alpakka

I made a pair of leggings using some leftover red alpaca yarn. It was meant to be held double with the thicker alpaca I used for the red Saffran cardigan but in the end I only used the thicker alpaca and had this left over. I used Paelas Haverdags thighs pattern and made a 3 year size. They have a beautiful lace pattern going up on each leg that doesn’t show very well in the picture but they are really pretty and will be a great complement to all the sweaters in the chest with clothes for future children. The pattern features fold hems both at the waist and the ankles and I inserted clear elastic in the waist to ensure that they stay up despite running around and playing.

These are so nice I almost want to knit myself a pair of alpaca stockings, but knitting stockings for a pretty big me doesn’t sound that fun. Have you made anything like this in adult size?

Work in progress

As you probably know I’m working on a collection of baby/toddler wear, these are a few of the things I’m working on.

20151127_1365docksjo design

20151127_1349docksjo design

The decision of focusing on baby wear came as a side track, but a love it and it will probably stay for a while. Everything is tiny, cute and there is always the challenge of making everything comfortable as well as functional. Did you know babies have really big heads and making tops go over the head without having an unhappy baby can be a bit of a challenge? The photo sections are also very interesting, if you happened to pick a good day, you have a laughing baby for a full hour of changing clothes and snapping photos, it the best day in the world. If it’s a bad day the newly ironed clothes gets vomited all over before we even get in to the shooting set up, but it is wonderful not knowing and working with what you have at the moment.

What you can see in the pictures, apart from the adorable model and child of a friend, is Akleja Blanket currently in pattern testing, Maskros T-shirt a 60’s inspired top, Tussilago Trousers adorable pleated trousers for everyday wear and Dagmar.

Holiday break knitting

With the new year coming I wanted to get a fresh start with my knitting and dug out my 3 long time work in progress to try and get at least one finished before the new year. I didn’t finish but I did make some progress. I have 3 projects in progress: my bohus sweater, a pair of kaprifol socks and the colour work cardigan I started this summer. All of these are for me and I have spent all my knitting time on new designs for the past months and these have had the back seat, but now that Peter is on Christmas break my motivation to work drained and I started looking towards my WIPs.

Bohus tröja

The bohus sweater got stuck because I needed to rip out the entire body and re knit quite a lot, it was a little tight to begin with and I have since then gained some weight. So I ripped it out and have knitted around and around on tiny needles and it goes quite well. I’m almost ready to start the ribbing on the body and have long since used up the curly yarn from the first version of the body and dug a big hole in a new cake of yarn. I’m afraid that I might have made it a little too loose this time, in fear of making it too tight but I’m not re knitting it again without a knitting machine. The yoke is so pretty and it makes me happy to work on it and imagine that I might have a spectacular sweater in a few months if I keep at it.

Kaprifol socks docksjo design

Kaprifol socks: these have been going with me on the bus, I don’t take the bus very often so the progress is slow but I’m now at the toe for the first sock and I long to have a new pair of socks in my drawer. I have said a few times that I don’t like wool socks that much and in my old gortex winter boots  that was true, but now in my new organic wool lined leather boots wool socks are the best. They are very warm and I haven’t been cold this year yet, so my feet get too hot and sweaty with cotton socks but wool socks keep my feet perfect.

The last project is my Oddvars penestre kofte, this is a beautiful colour work cardigan, but I regret my yarn choice and don’t know what to do with it, do I start over in another yarn or continue?

Ornament Make Along

Ornament Make Along

I want to make christmas ornaments this year and thought that some of you might be interested in joining in (I hope.)

I’m going to be posting some inspiration posts here and then have some sort of link party at the end. I think that making ornaments can be fun to do as a holiday craft so the end date for the Link party will be in the beginning of January. So there is no rush, I just want to enjoy making pretty little things during this time of the year. We don’t have a christmas tree or rather, we have a tiny one in a pot, living in the city makes buying and disposing of a tree a bit difficult so we only have a tiny in a pot that lives on the balcony the rest of the year. For me it won’t be about decorating the tree, it already has 8 glass hearts in the smallest size I could find and there isn’t room for more, so the decorations will probably hang in the curtains instead.

If you want to join in use the hashtag #OrnamentMakeAlong and leave me a comment so I know there is someone more then me doing this. I think it will be really fun and have already started by cutting out grainline studios’s narwhal pattern.

I made a ravelry group with an inspiration board and a pintrest board filled with different DIY project for the holidays. I hope you enjoy this little project.

Saffran Cardigan   docksjo design

Saffran Cardigan

20151127_1330docksjo design-3

This new super cute cardigan is just perfect for the colder months, the size range is newborn – 2 year more will come but in order to get this pattern out in time for holiday knitting that will have to come at a later point. The pattern comes with a sewn in lining that you can attach to make it extra special if you want and the instructions describes how to assemble and sew in the lining. You if you don’t want a lining or aren’t that comfortable sewing you have the option of securing the steek with a ribbon instead as is the more common way of securing the steek. Check out the new pattern store or go directly to the pattern page for Saffran Cardigan.

Saffran Cardigan docksjo design Saffran Cardigan docksjo design
Saffran Cardigan docksjo design Saffran Cardigan Dagmar delfin docksjo design

In order to be able to sell sewing patterns I have had to change my shopping system this is still in progress so there and at the moment 2 different checkout systems in the shop but apart from that every thing still works and is user friendly. Go en check out the new store design, I have been going with sketches to my husband that have frantically been coding to get every thing to look as I want it to. I think the new design looks very professional, tidy and much more in my aesthetic.

If you prefer you buy knitting pattern trough ravelry so you can keep them in your ravelry library this is your last change all old pattern are still available through ravelry but will be removed and put in the new shopping system one by one as I go trough them. The first ones will go on Monday December 7th so you have this week. I think the new system is grate different but grate and the best thing it that I can sell sewing patterns, knitting patterns and notions in the same store which is a huge benefit.

Link to my ravelry store

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Baby Wrap Waistcoat

 paelas baby wrap vest

The pattern is Paelas Baby and my knit is in Sandnes garn Alpakka in this wonderful colour that I have been increasingly obsessed about for the past year, is it not wonderful?
You wrap it and tie the i-cords on the belly so that it is easy to dress and the knot is in the front so the baby can lay without a lump in the back. The size is approximately 3 months. I did do a few minor modifications mostly to do with the fact that my gauge is slightly off and that I can’t follow an instruction without “enhancing” it a little.

docksjö design Tussilago trousers bary paelas baby wrap vest

The trousers are drafted by me and I call them Tussilago and they are made in organic cotton jersey and rib. I love navy and burgundy and the small pleats together with the garter stitch.

I made this set as a part of Tiny paper foxes podcast make2along, she has only just started and have a wonderful podcast/vlog that I watch as soon as it’s released. She knit wonderful sweaters and shawls and has just started learning to sew.

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Colour work for Christmas

Saffran baby cardigan sweater docksjo design

I made this new little cardigan this week. I’m supposed to work on something else, a bit secret that you will hear more about soon I hope. If you have been reading here for a while you probably know that I have been writing a lot about wanting to make Christmas sweaters. It have been a lot of talk but not much else until this week. My brain sort of works on a lot of designs and keep testing different pattern and styles and then something tips over and I just have to make it now in this exact way. This happened Tuesday or maybe Monday. In the morning when I got up I just had to knit some colour work but not that colour work cardigan I already had on the needles. I wanted a new one in the yellow yarn I had bought for a toddler Christmas sweater the previous week so I looked trough my patterns and realised that I got the wrong one in the yarn store, but no sad faces here, I started sketching and calculating and this is the result it all came together so easily as if I already had the design in the back of my head. The yarn used it Sandnes Alpakka Ull and I used 3 balls of the yellow and 2 of the white, the buttons are the same wooden buttons as you’ve seen many times before (my favourites) and they come from the best button place around here

Saffran baby cardigan sweater docksjo design

This design is mine and will if all goes well, be released in December, I’m holding my thumbs, there is a lot going on at the moment and I’m working like mad to make it happen. A little crazy, quite exhausting but very fun and I really hope that you will like it too.

Saffran baby cardigan sweater docksjo

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Knit skirt


My sister Just turned 7 and started first grade, so I wanted to make her something that is easy to care for and easy to use. I decided to knitted her a skirt. She have had a purple phase and hoping it will stay for a while, I made it purple. The pattern is from Sandnes hefte 1509 it’s in Norwegian (sorry folks) I used Cascade 220 superwash, It was the first time I used cascade yarns and it was great to work with, being superwash the yarn did have a bit of a plastic feeling about it but it was not more then expected from a superwash yarn. I’m really pleased with the result and think that the finished product is fun and suitable for a 7 year old.

20150902_1189 20150902_1198

I expected this to be a vey quick knit and it did take a bit longer then I estimated and to be honest it wasn’t the most exciting thing to knit but well worth it, the best bit in my opinion is the colourwork section in the middle it really gives something to the design and was fun to knit. Both the hem and the waistband it folded over and sewn down, this gives a very crisp finish to the skirt, the waist band have an elastic inside to you won’t have to worry about it sliding down since the elastic gives that extra structure to allow play and running around climbing trees or monkey bars.

The cardigan in the first picture is latte baby coat.


I have started a newsletter, it will come occasionally and with previews of new designs and coupon codes. It will most likely not come more then 2 times a month and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Cirkus Cardigan

Cirkus tent baby cardigan

It is finished and super cute. I’m so glad I finally made one. In the pattern, the other side was used as the outside and I did weave in the ends in a way that allowed both sides the be the outside and had planned on placing buttons on both sides, but in the end I just put them on this side. I think it’s the cutest and craziest.

The pattern is from Strikk till mamma go mini but there is a similar for free here in english. I made the 3 month size and the yarn is teetee alpakka dyed by me and the buttons are porcelain from tummelisa.

I’m really glad I didn’t do a larger size due to the hundred or more ends to weave in.

Cirkus tent cardigan baby

I have started a newsletter, it will come occasionally and with previews of new designs and coupon codes. It will most likely not come more then 2 times a month and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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