Flint Shorts

docksjo design Flint Shorts

I have been wanting a pair of Flints ever since the pattern was released but sewing hasn’t really happened until now as the kiddo has been terrified of the sewing machines so this feels like the first proper project since she came 2.5 years ago. I have been making an increasing amount of jersey sewing for the kiddo but the feel of this is so different the proper fitting of woven garments, secret buttons and fastenings. It tolk some time just geting my head around the construction (I’m not a person that follows instructions I need to picture it and make it and mainly use the instruktions for seam allowance and ideas).

docksjo design Flint Shorts

The pattern is Flint pants by Megan Nilsen and I used Tencel denim from På Skrå and the result is amazing the fit is perfect after some tiny tweaks and the fabric feels like silk on the skin to light yet drapey , cool and firm but not digging. The waist band is so pose to hit at the waist but being tal it hits just below the waist at a very curvy point so I added darts to the waist ban to accommodate for that as I didn’t feel like making an other toile  raising the waist and grading down a size for the waist I might do this for the next pair but  this solution works perfect and I wasn’t sure if I wanted the additional raise and really wanted to have a pair of shorts not just 5 unwearable fitting attempts when the fit already was pretty close to perfect. I love the tie detail it makes them so special and the fact that they are playground friendly, I can only really wear things that are playground friendly as we tend to spend at least a few hours a day on one.

docksjo design Flint Shorts docksjo design Flint Shorts

And lastly a credit to my photographer, as I brought the wire shutter release for my husbands camera instead of mine and as i din’t bring my phone and the kiddo was with me I couldn’t go back and get it so I tried teaching the kiddo to push the shutter button and it worked she hade know idea what she was doing but had fun and I got the pictures in the dreamy almost sunset ligth I wanted.

docksjo design Flint Shortsdocksjo design Flint Shortsdocksjo design Flint Shorts docksjo design Flint Shorts

The top is colette sorbetto in a dusty mint viscous in a colour pretty close to mine and the kiddos eye colour.

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