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Ever since I first saw this design I just had to have one and when Melody put the call for testers I jumped on it and I love it. It is every bit as stunning as I remembered form the tid bit on her vlog in oktober. The pattern Folksy by Melody Hoffman is released today and you can find it in her ravelry shop. I used Rauma Gammelserie 2tr. 100% Norwegian wool so relatively local to me at least for yarn, in the Kopparkittel (copper pot), Bärnsten (Amber) and a tiny bit of grey. I love this colour combination it is starting to feel  like it is taking over mine and the kiddos wardrobe in the good way. I’ve had a few skins of this yarn in my stash for a while now to swatch an ty but didn’t really get around to use it before now.  t is a rustic yarn simmular to raumas more know finull, it is stronger and feels a little denser, I think I gammelseris over finull as I’m quite hard on my clothes wearing out elbows after a few years in regular rotation and this feels about the same but stronger. It is on the prickly side but not to the point that it bothers me in a garment, that said I wouldn’t use it for a hat or cowl.

docksjo design Folksy docksjo design Folksy  docksjo design Folksy

Kiddo is wearing Saffran Cardigan, Mini Virginia Leggings and a future docksjö dress pattern, as soon as I get some work time agin.

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