Holiday break knitting

With the new year coming I wanted to get a fresh start with my knitting and dug out my 3 long time work in progress to try and get at least one finished before the new year. I didn’t finish but I did make some progress. I have 3 projects in progress: my bohus sweater, a pair of kaprifol socks and the colour work cardigan I started this summer. All of these are for me and I have spent all my knitting time on new designs for the past months and these have had the back seat, but now that Peter is on Christmas break my motivation to work drained and I started looking towards my WIPs.

Bohus tröja

The bohus sweater got stuck because I needed to rip out the entire body and re knit quite a lot, it was a little tight to begin with and I have since then gained some weight. So I ripped it out and have knitted around and around on tiny needles and it goes quite well. I’m almost ready to start the ribbing on the body and have long since used up the curly yarn from the first version of the body and dug a big hole in a new cake of yarn. I’m afraid that I might have made it a little too loose this time, in fear of making it too tight but I’m not re knitting it again without a knitting machine. The yoke is so pretty and it makes me happy to work on it and imagine that I might have a spectacular sweater in a few months if I keep at it.

Kaprifol socks docksjo design

Kaprifol socks: these have been going with me on the bus, I don’t take the bus very often so the progress is slow but I’m now at the toe for the first sock and I long to have a new pair of socks in my drawer. I have said a few times that I don’t like wool socks that much and in my old gortex winter boots  that was true, but now in my new organic wool lined leather boots wool socks are the best. They are very warm and I haven’t been cold this year yet, so my feet get too hot and sweaty with cotton socks but wool socks keep my feet perfect.

The last project is my Oddvars penestre kofte, this is a beautiful colour work cardigan, but I regret my yarn choice and don’t know what to do with it, do I start over in another yarn or continue?

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