Knitting, Finally

This is so-pose to bee a knitting blog, but there haven’t bee much knitting lately, I have been knitting even if it hasn’t been as mush as usual. The problem is that I haven’t been up to modeling my knits, I prefer to be the one holding the camera.

This lovely cardigan is creation from the beginning of the 1940’s by Emma Jacobsson, from Bohus Stickning. There isn’t any pattern left for this beautiful creation, but I will make one some day. I think that this is the perfect dress cardigan, knitted tightly in lace weight with beautiful cables.


The pattern is named Österrikaren Austrian.

The baking paride will most likely counting for a month or so more, I’m testing recipes for our wedding, that will take place in the end of june at midsummer’s day. I’m very exited.

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