I made an other Loki.
This on was made as a stash bust project and I didn’t really like the colour combination at first but it has grown on me. This one is made in Filicona Peruvian highland wool just as the others, I knitted size 4 years and used about 1/2 a skeins of white and orange and 4 skeins of red. It has a zipper, it is the first time I installed a zipper in a knitted garment and it toke some time but all when well and I think it will be worth the extra effort to have a zipper rather then buttons for a cardigan for someone in preschool age when quick and easy dressing is important.

It is knitted in the round and steeked open the cut edges are covered by the zippers cotton band which makes it neat on the inside. I sewed in the zipper by hand and attached it both close to the  zipper teeth and at the edge so it would be neat and smooth on the inside.


My favorite is the blue, which one is yours?

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