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Thang are beginning to calm down a bit here, and I finally able to knit regularly agin, I have missed it so and really enjoy to be able to create in moderat speed agin. The kiddo is the perfect recipient and loves almost everything I make for her as well. We did have a bit of a sad store about her cat hat when she received it on halloween but after trying is on and looking at it in her accessories box it is now her favorite. And when she see s sweater on the needles he immediately tryes to remove her shirt in order to put the new one on.

I made a Carbeth by kate davies to me in January (have photographed it jet) and hade a quite large amount of yarn left over and made an Owlet by Kate Davies for the kiddo, She loves it, a yellow pullover with owls on it is a perfect combination of her favorites birds and warm yellow, her favorite colours are any shade between orange, yellow, red and brown and the mix of any of these. I used De rerum natura Cyrano, I really like this yarn it is a think quite lofty yet sturdy yarn and very soft non superwash merino cardee. I highly recommend trying it out is you haven’t. This is the second owlet I made an remembering that the sizing was a little and the smal side and when up a couple of sizes in the length an 1 in the with but kept the smaller yoke and the fit is perfect, it is a very easy patern to follow and very quick to knit I definitely recommend it but it may be worth to check the measurements an extra time and maybe go up 1 size or 2.

docksjo design owlet

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