Pärlhyacint Cardigan

Pärlhyacint docksjo design

A new cardigan pattern for children and babies. The pattern is named after the spring bulb Muscari botryoidesin in Swedish Pärlhyacint and its beautiful stacking of the buds is the inspiration for the stitch pattern. As my favourite fashion era is the 1940’s to the 1960’s it’s no wonder that the cardigan has some resemblance of that period. It comes in sizes from newborn all the way up to early teens and I hope that you will like it. I knitted the sample in Rosy green wool, Big merino hug and the pattern is available both as a single pattern in my store and as a pattern yarn kit trough Organic Knitters.

Pärlhyacint docksjo design Pärlhyacint docksjo design Pärlhyacint docksjo design

Photo credit for the white goes to Katrin Guðjónsdóttir and for the bright blue to Katja Hartig.

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3 thoughts on “Pärlhyacint Cardigan

  1. Aseneth Luna

    Hello Nicolina, beautiful design for kids as always!, I would love if you could upload a more detail pictures or even a tutorial on how to pick up stitches for a button band before steeking a sweater. Thanks!”

    1. Nicolina Lindsten Post author

      I will put it on my to do list it is something that makes such a differens and can be a little trick if you never don it this way before. Thank you and have a grate day Nicolina


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