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Ecobud doll clothes

I got inspired to increase the doll wardrobe. I made the first set in december but recently felt like making a bit more. The initial inspiration this time around was that I wanted a hospital outfit for the doll before the kiddos hospital stay but time ran away from me as she wasn’t feeling grate and needed me more. Ende up maning a few cardigans and a new pair of trousers but still no hospital out fit. We use the doll along with a doctors bag to prepare for the visits (it makes a huge differens to have practice on the doll first and for her to be familiar with what ever we need to do at the hospital) making a white robe with teal trousers and a blue and with name band should be high on my list but it is not that inspiring all thou I think it will make the preparation easier next time. But net time always feels so far until it is here I think I simply want it to be far but in reality we go on checkups pretty often every other month or so.

Ecobud doll clothes Ecobud doll clothes

The big doll is Rubens barn ecobuds Poppy 35cm (14″) and the smal one was made by me in handwork class in school as a 13-14 year old, back then I really wanted to make a big babydoll but wasn’t allowed unless I made a smaller one before but got stuck at the hair adding one hair at the time and wanting a full hair it toke the rest of the year and them some to get it finished.

I used a variety of leftover bits, and this far got 1 headband, 3 cardigans, one blouse, 1 pair of kaprifol legging, a  sewn pair of trousers and socks for poppy, and a pullover and trousers for the waldorf doll.

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