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Saffran Cardigan docksjo design

I’m thrilled by the response that Saffran Cardigan has had and my heart skip a beat every time I see another beautiful Cardigan on Instagram. Many of you asked for more sizes and I have now with help from amazing testers managed to expand the size range to 16 sizes, spanning from newborn to early teens. I knitted up one in yellow as a late christmas gift for my little friend. I chose yellow again as matching his favourite Spot was my best chance to have him like it.

Saffran Cardigan docksjo design

It is knitted in Sandnes Alpakka Ull just as the others (I’m not sponsored, just really like that yarn). The bigger sizes have a few details that are a little different to the smaller sizes to make the proportions and the appearance of the sweater similar despite the size difference. I’m partial, but I love them, easy and fun to knit and just amazing to look at.

Saffran Cardigan docksjo design Saffran Cardigan docksjo design

If you already bought the pattern you should have access to the larger sizes as well by now, there was a bit of a technical issue at first but I think that it is solved.

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