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Say No to fast fashion

I think having a colour scheme and sticking with it for a while and to make a new one when you are no longer excited about it, instead of abandoning it, is a way to keep on track with purchase habits. I made my last one almost 2 years ago and it has been too long, I kept to it for little over a year and then forgot about it as my taste changed. I really think that having pre defined what your colours are helps when going shopping since it is so easy to get lost in all the pretty fabrics and come home with something totally different then planned. It might be beautiful but doesn’t really go with your other clothes. Take your time when choosing your colours and think long term: Will your like them a few years from now? Thinking slow fashion, the clothes that you make now is still going to be a part of your wardrobe 2 or maybe 5 years from now. My well loved sewn garment that I uses for everyday wear last about 2-4 years before they wear out, the ones I only use occasionally last a lot longer and so does cardigans that doesn’t go in the wash as often. I think it is reasonable to think that you will be wearing that cardigan 4 years from now and therefore should plan for that before you start.

These are the colours I have chosen.

Colours fall 2015

There is quite a difference from the palette I made last time, only the foundation colours navy, grey and pink have stayed the same.


When choosing your colours have these 3 questions in mind.

  1. Do they look go on you?
  2. Do they mix well with each other, can all/most be paired and look good?
  3. Do they mix well with your existing wardrobe?

It can be a good idea to ask someone you trust if the colours suit you, it can sometimes be difficult to be objective about your favourite colours. E.g. I love turquoise but it don’t look great on me exactly and believing I could wear it, I made this dress and never wear it.

Whether you make your own clothes or you buy ready made this is something good to have in mind. I keep my palette in my wallet so I can always refer to it when I suddenly feel the urge for a new skirt.

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