Say No to fast fashion | step 4 Going forward

Say No to fast fashion

Don’t try and change your entire wardrobe over night, the point of this was to be sustainable as well as to curate the perfect wardrobe for you. Make changes slowly, try to make everything new you make your new favourite and don’t forget to make those basics that keep the spectacular pieces going. Find the holes in your wardrobe and fill them one at the time. Try not to over stuff one section e.g. lots of dresses but nothing to wear them with. How much clothes do you actually need and instead of overstuffing your own wardrobe try to make a few special things for your loved ones, there is nothing that says I love you as much as a hand knit sweater.

How much clothes do I actually need not to run out of tops between laundry and still feel appropriately dressed and comfortable on lots of regular occasions.

I think my ideal is

  • 5 pairs of black leggings (only have 2 at the moment)
  • 3 sets of pyjamas (perfect)
  • 3 sets of active wear; 1 summer, 1 transitional, 1 winter
  • 7 tops and blouses mostly short sleeved – 3/4 sleeved
  • 3 shorts (perfect)
  • 2 trousers (This is something I’m imagining, I haven’t owned trousers for years)
  • 3 skirts; 2 warm 1 summer (perfect)
  • 2 light cardigans (perfect)
  • 2 medium warm cardigans (I have plenty, 4 regularly used and a few more, I love to knit sweaters)
  • 2 very warm cardigans (I often wear them layered with thinner ones)
  • 2 winter dresses; wool, cotton velvet (I have 1 that on it’s last run)
  • 4 transitional dresses (this category is good)
  • 2-5 fancy dresses with matching bowtie for Peter, one needs to be black (perfect, you might only need 2 but I love to make them and we always aim for spectacular when we get a wedding invitation or baptism comes along)
  • 1 dress coat (this is still on my list to make)
  • 1 rain coat (I have one but it’s not the best of rain coats)
  • 1 pair of rain trousers (could do with some)
  • 1 winter coat (thanks mom for the amazing coat you gave me)
  • 1 transitional coat (perfect)
  • 5 bras at least 5 well fitting (could do with a few more)
  • 2 slips (I have one in pale blue and a black would be a nice addition)
  • 4  tank tops for layering in winter, preferably merino (I have 3 cotton)

When working from home as I do, I normally wear leggings and a top of some sort usually something that is no longer nice enough to wear out. In one way it feels good to really use those old favourites until there is nothing left of them, On the other hand it would be good to be representable enough to answer the door if someone comes. I think that it is reasonable to be able to go 2 weeks between washes without running out of something nice to wear, we have the luxury of having our own washing machine something that definitely is a luxury where we live, but we just couldn’t go 3 weeks between washes only to have someone steal your time. Our kind parents ended up buying one for us.

This was written a few weeks ago and all the old and slightly misshapen tops went out the door, I only want to wear nice things and always wants to be representable.  This change feel so good now that it is done, so good.

Don’t make garments, make outfits

What I mean is to think of the piece that you want to make as a part of the whole wardrobe. What are you going to wear it with, is it practical for the season you are planing to use it in and so on. Having a colour theme have made this so much easier for me. You’re not left with a green blouse and a non coordinating green skirt at the end of the week since you have easy matching clothes and most, if not all coordinate. It takes time to coordinate your wardrobe I have been working on it for a couple of years. It is close now and I love to get dressed in the mornings. I have my black skirt and my forest green cardigan (current favourite) and all my blouses goes with it, it is wonderful.

This is not intended to offend anyone I hope that this might enable you to think about your habits and how you want to go forward. It might be a time in your life when making all the new pretty things is what’s filling your cup, it certainly was what made me keep going a few years ago fighting depression. If you are in that situation just go for it, having some feel good time is so important. Writing this series have been a great experience for me. I have been thinking about this for some time now but writing it all down has been really good for me, to question what I think vs. know and to go through my shopping habits.

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